Bangkok Bank, Esso jointly develop digital payment to enable customers to pay and collect Esso Smiles points faster

Wednesday 23 November 2022 10:37
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited Limited and Esso (Thailand) Public Company proudly announced the big success on new Mobile Electronic Data Capture or Mobile EDC implementation at all Esso service stations. The new Mobile EDC not only accepts payment but can also award Esso Smiles points in one device. Currently, more than 30% of customers use digital payments. This service will help enhance the customer experience and provide faster services.
Bangkok Bank, Esso jointly develop digital payment to enable customers to pay and collect Esso Smiles points faster

With the trend of digital payment and cashless society, customers need fast and convenience service in their daily life. Bangkok Bank and Esso jointly launched Mobile EDC with enhanced functionalities to accept both traditional credit card and digital payment e.g. QR PromptPay, QR Visa, QR Master, and eWallet. More importantly, this Mobile EDC has ability to award Esso Smiles points to Esso Smiles members when making the payment by telling registered mobile phone number to pump attendants. With that, Esso Smiles members can make the payment and able to earn points promptly.

Esso proudly announced that we are the first to bring Mobile EDC to serve right at customer's car at all Esso service stations nationwide.

Bangkok Bank Senior Vice President Credit Card Division Sudrutai Thongsong said: "Some 3,200 Mobile EDCs have been deployed at more than 780 Esso service stations nationwide since July 2022. Customers have increasingly shifted to digital payments, especially payment via QR Code, which includes QR Code for credit card and PromptPay. digital payments, which continue to rise.

"Bangkok Bank received strong collaboration and support from Esso to deliver exceptional experience to customers by making payment easy, secure, and touchless. Customers appreciate the added convenience of being able to make faster transactions and collect Esso Smiles points without having to use a physical card. This enhances the experience for customers and will help keep them coming back to Esso."

Esso Retail Sale Manager Jirapun Paowarut said: "this is the important step of coordination and work together between Esso and Bangkok bank to develop the payment system and software on the Mobile EDC of Bangkok bank to enable its capability to work with Esso Smiles loyalty system to able to collect loyalty points by just telling the mobile phone during making the payment. By doing so, our customers will receive better experience, fast service, and touchless at Esso service station because this newly Mobile EDC support 'scan or touch to pay' and 'earn Esso Smiles points by mobile phone' in one device."

Esso Card & Loyalty Program Manager Weera Teerawarutparn said: "Not only the fuel quality, but service is also another key foundation that Esso commits to keep improving by carefully and strategically selecting technologies that would help enhancing our customer experience in the time that digital is a part of their day-to-day lifestyle.

"This is the big successful collaboration between Esso and Bangkok bank to enhance payment system of digital payment to work together with Esso Smiles loyalty program seamlessly to provide quick, safe and trustworthy services between customers and pump attendants."

Source: Bangkok Bank

Bangkok Bank, Esso jointly develop digital payment to enable customers to pay and collect Esso Smiles points faster