Sharp celebrates the 50th anniversary, with aiming to increase market share by 10%

Thursday 24 November 2022 09:09
Sharp celebrates the 50th anniversary of Business Solutions and introduces a new Managing Director "Mr. Shuhei Arai" who will work on revising policies and strategies, with aiming to increase market share by 10%. It is also introducing more than 20 product lines with cutting-edge technologies, and compact designs which can work faster to support today's hybrid lifestyle.
Sharp celebrates the 50th anniversary, with aiming to increase market share by 10%

Mr. Shuhei Arai, Managing Director of Sharp Thai Co., Ltd revealed on the occasion of taking up the new position and celebrating the 50th anniversary of Business Solutions that he has revised marketing policies and strategies by setting the goal to increase the number of dealers from 120 to 200. In the meantime, the company will also take a bold move to market new models of multifunction printers with state-of-the-art technologies that fit with the modern hybrid lifestyle, equipped with on-device printing functions compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems and can be connected with Cloud services. Despite of compact design, they also are used with A3 paper and come up with multifunction qualities that allow them to make photocopy, print, scan, and fax. The products are available in both black and white printing and in color printing. The goal is to increase the market share by 10 % from the total market value of 4,300 million baht per year.

For the overall multifunction printer market in Thailand, since the second quarter of this year, the total market value has declined by 8.2% compared to the previous year. It has been affected by the rising global energy price and US interest rates which resulted in the higher costs of imported goods. The market has also been impacted by political factors. Thailand's inflation rate rose sharply in May to 7.1% and continued rising to 7.8% in August. However, multifunction printers are still in high demand. Color printers take up 56% of sales, while black and white printers take up 44%.

"Sharp introduced the first copier machine to the market in 1972. Over the past five decades up to now, Sharp is still committed to inventing innovations to develop copier machines that can serve all needs while still maintaining quality, speed, value-for-money, and the goal to bring utmost satisfaction to customers."

Mr. Shinji Minatogawa, Manager, Asian Marketing Centre of SBS BU, said that multifunction printers that are spearheading the increase of market share include Nova Light BP- 21 M 22 black and white printer that can print at the speed of 21-30 pages per minute. It is distinguished by its compact design, can be used with A3 paper, and has an on-device printing function supporting both iOS and Android operating systems; and Nova E BP- 30 M 31 model with a printing speed of 31-44 pages per minute. For key product highlights, aside from mobile printing command, it also comes up with 128 GB SSD data storage and a 7-inch LCD touch screen that is easy to use.

For multifunction color printers, the C-Cube BP- 20 C 20 Z model with a printing speed of 11-20 pages per minute, is expected to help increase the market share. It comes with a compact design and can be used with A3 paper. There are also C-Cube IT BP- 30 C 25 Z and Titan BP- 50 C 26 models which have a printing speed of 21-30 pages per minute from the mobile device. They are equipped with 128 GB SSD data storage, and 7-inch and 10.1-inch LCD touchscreens, respectively. They can also be connected to other devices, enabling them to scan and upload files to Cloud service and share with colleagues enabling them to view, edit and print documents whether they are in or out of the office. Therefore, it helps increase productivity without any limits, suitable for today's hybrid working environment. The additional connectivity equipment that can be connected with such service includes Nova E, C -Cube IT, and Titan models.

Furthermore, printers are generally in ready-to-use mode, therefore, the machine can be heated up. Sharp realizes this small detail and has emphasized helping to solve an environmental problem. Therefore, Sharp has developed printing technology that can cool down the heat in standby mode as well as create document solutions that enable users to save data files in form of soft files, so they have the option to share data with relevant parties through online communication. This way can help reduce paper usage and save energy consumption.

"Sharp multifunction printers come with exceptional quality, durability, and state-of-the-art technologies at affordable prices. The company also offers fast after-sales service, inexpensive spare parts, and allows to change only necessary parts without the need to change the entire set like any other brands in the market," said Minatogawa.

Mr. Shuhei also added that the strength of products under "SHARP" brand is having the whole range of electrical appliances that serve every household need, including products with "Plasmacluster Technology", which is Sharp's exclusive technology for the product lines of air purifiers, air conditioner, refrigerator, and washing machine. This technology will take care of air quality, reduce the spread of germs like bacteria, and help improve customers' quality of life by reducing and preventing illness from pollution and from spending daily life in the midst of changing global environment. 

Sharp is also developing AIoT technology, which is an important part of Sharp's continuous enhancement of technological innovation for convenience for customers. The technology can be used to monitor and control the operations of electrical appliances through modern mobile applications easily and accurately, especially for air purifiers and air conditioner products. This also incorporates the vision of saving the environment in the long run and a sustainable manner.  Sharp also recognizes the urgent need to address the present serious environmental problems by adopting the policy to use recyclable and reusable materials to reduce energy usage and reduce carbon dioxide emissions which are the main cause of global warming. This is driven by the SHARP Eco Vision 2050 project.

"Sharp is working to create a sustainable environment for our planet, in line with our clearly defined long-term goals which want to be accomplished by 2050. Sharp's operations are divided into three themes: climate change; recycling of resources, as well as safety and security," Mr. Shuhei concluded.

Customers interested in Sharp products can ask for more information at 02-855-8585 (copier and screen) or 02-855-8888 (home appliances) or via social media Facebook Sharp Thai and @sharpthai for Line Official Account.

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Sharp celebrates the 50th anniversary, with aiming to increase market share by 10%