Kincentric (Thailand) unveils the new trend of organization and employees management for sustainble business growth

Thursday 24 November 2022 13:28
Kincentric (Thailand), a leading global human resources consulting firm, believes that employing the right corporate and employee management strategy can unlock the potential of businesses to help them drive creative and sustainable business growth. This approach also embraces digital technology and integrated business practices, important global trends that will play a key role in every organization as they adopt to a new way of doing business. The result of the adoption can be measured through Kincentric Best Employers Thailand Awards 2022.
Kincentric (Thailand) unveils the new trend of organization and employees management for sustainble business growth

Having a manageable work-life balance is a new priority for today's workforce and organizations need to adjust their work style to meet these changing needs. For example, if employees are working remotely, they need to have access to the right technologies to be able to work more efficiently. Enhancing skill sets for a new way of working is also important, and organizations need to support the learning and development of new skills to help employees work better.

Dr. Adisak Chandprapalert, Managing Director & Partner, Kincentric Thailand said: "Covid-19, global economic volatility, and the rapidly changing business environment have presented organizations with significant challenges, and businesses need to find a way to move forward and continue to grow. Kincentric specialises in the human resources and corporate management to help build the capacity of businesses and their people. Today's organizations need to embrace new technologies while also creating a great Employee experience by creating the right culture and working environment that helps people succeed. In turn, this will foster creativity and drive sustainable business growth."

At the same time, organizations have to build a culture of Diversity & Inclusion, and this may be a difficult as it may challenge for some organizations due to their current culture. Kincentric has played a leading role in assisting businesses through the organizational transitions to ensure they align with their own needs and changing global needs.

Napas Sirivarangkul, Partner, Kincentric Thailand said: "With changing approaches to employment organizations are likely to include both full-time and part-time employees, such as outsourced or independent (gig) workers, as they are become more common in Thailand. In addition, talented people applying for positions may not be Thai nationals, and may be Global citizen with diverse culture, and way of working. These are challenges for the organizations leaders who have to manage this in addition to changing business conditions, human resources management, and creating a working environment that enables employees to work collaboratively. In the meantime, human resources department must adapt their way of working, have an open attitude, and understand that in current labor market as well as organizations choosing their preferred candidates choose their place of work based on their needs. Organization also needs to take advantage of accepting and respecting differences to help improve working environment for employees."

To increase awareness among the business community of the importance of effective management and for creative and sustainable growth, Kincentric (Thailand) has collaborated with Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University (Sasin) for more than 20 years to organize the Best Employers Thailand awards to a world-class standard.

Kincentric Best Employers Thailand Awards 2022 is the 22nd edition of the awards and featured more than 90 participants covering a wide range of businesses and industries including energy and utilities, finance, consumer products, and retail. Shortlisted participants are assessed in three principal areas: Employees' opinions, a Public Survey and the Corporate performance.

Paulin Porkaew, Project Manager, Kincentric Best Employers 2022 said: "This project selects organizations based on their human resource management, and how it links with corporate strategy, human resource management efficiency and corporate leaders' policy. This year, we will study the corporate management strategy from our winners through the Reveal, Relearn, Rethink, and Reshape strategy. This reflects what we are trying to emphasize: Being the best employer is about constantly developing the organization and its people. In addition, the award is also a measurement that can help their business grow more efficiently and sustainably."

Source: Spark Communications

Kincentric (Thailand) unveils the new trend of organization and employees management for sustainble business growth