FWD Insurance introduces "Mind Strength", Thailand's first mental health protection plan, in addition to the extensive customer care service "FWD Care"

Thursday 01 December 2022 17:05
FWD Life Insurance Plc ("FWD Insurance") today launches "Mind Strength", Thailand's first mental health protection plan. Customers who purchase the "Mind Strength" plan will be entitle to "FWD Care", a special service developed to take care of the customer and those around them in the event of death or serious illness.
FWD Insurance introduces Mind Strength, Thailand's first mental health protection plan, in addition to the extensive customer care service FWD Care

In a survey of Asian respondents, Blackbox Research, an independent market research and survey company, interviewed more than 10,000 people across 16 international markets between June and July 2022, including nine markets where FWD operates: Cambodia; Hong Kong; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; the Philippines; Singapore; Thailand and Vietnam. The survey found that more than 65% of people in Asia believed that mental health becomes a critical issue in the coming year, more than 76% of respondents expressed their interest in exploring insurance options to address such challenges and greater than 40% believed the cost of psychiatric care is one of the most significant barriers to receiving care for mental health challenges in Asia.*

Mr. David Koruni?, Chief Executive Officer of FWD Life Insurance Plc ("FWD Insurance") said, "In today's uncertain environment, people must focus their efforts on managing everyday lives to their best, potentially leading to stress and mental health issues. Additionally, majority of health insurance plans in existence today do not provide coverage for physical illnesses and psychiatric conditions that frequently have an impact on mental health. These results serve as the foundation for our intention to provide complete care for both physical and mental health all at once."

In a Thailand market first, FWD Insurance is launching "Mind Strength", a new health insurance protection plan that offers preventive mental health care, mental health assessment services, and psychological counseling. This includes exclusive mental health care coverage for insured customers aged 11 to 65, with renewal up to the age of 74.

The "Mind Strength" product will fully cover all costs associated with mental health. Projection includes psychiatric medical costs, for both in-patient medical treatment (IPD) up to 200,000 Baht per year, out-patient medical treatment (OPD) up to 4,000 Baht per visit, and up to 12 times per year on a co-pay basis where the customer pays 10% of out-patient medical costs per time. It comes with benefits if the onset of a psychiatric condition is clinically diagnosed within 365 days after being diagnosed with the 4 critical illnesses, which are advanced cancer, myocardial infarction, stroke, or chronic kidney disease. The protection will also cover the ongoing treatment expenses as an out-patient after being admitted as an in-patient within 60 days after hospital discharge, as well as mental strengthening services for 365 days without having to buy a new policy. The customer only needs to purchase the "Mind Strength" plan together with "FWD Precious Care" as the base health insurance to receive lump sum coverage for both IPD and OPD, which have the sum insurance from 1,000,000 to 100,000,000 baht.

In addition, customers also benefit from after-sales service that provides extended care beyond the protection of the policy with the "FWD Care Recovery Plan", a special service offered to our customers who have death or critical illness claims. This additional service goes beyond what was committed in the policy. In addition to its benefits, customers and their beneficiaries under the policy also receive physical and mental care to prepare for the uncertainty in the future. "FWD Care Recovery Plan" includes nursing care and counseling at home, physical therapy services, home cleaning service, legal counseling, transportation with a chauffeur and a nursing assistant to take patients to and from the hospital, mental health counseling, costs for making a wig, and expenses for special tuition for children. These special services are available for customers who are recovering from a critical illness or going through a difficult situation. It will be an important aid in preparing and supporting them to move forward steadily and securely.

To learn more about the "Mind Strength" plan, please contact the FWD agent, call the FWD Contact Center at 1351, or visit the website at https://www.fwd.co.th/.

Source: FWD Thailand

FWD Insurance introduces Mind Strength, Thailand's first mental health protection plan, in addition to the extensive customer care service FWD Care