Five Thai Artists featured on Spotify Wrapped Top Lists for the Very First Time in 2022

Friday 16 December 2022 10:20
The RADAR, EQUAL and ฉันฟังเพลงไทย (I Listen to Thai Songs) artists that are making waves!
Five Thai Artists featured on Spotify Wrapped Top Lists for the Very First Time in 2022

Spotify unveiled its 2022 Wrapped campaign - announcing the top artists, albums, songs, playlists and podcasts that showcase the vibrant kaleidoscope of more than 456 million listeners around the world. This year, Thailand broke a new record with the most number of local artists making the Spotify Wrapped charts for the very first time.

Many of these newly awarded Thai artists have been part of - and grown with - Spotify's programs and campaigns, such as RADAR, EQUAL and ฉันฟังเพลงไทย (I Listen to Thai Songs), which are committed to helping artists reach new audiences locally and globally. 

Here are five Thai Artists that debuted on Spotify Wrapped Top Lists for the very first time this year, and what you need to know about them:


This 26-year-old indie-pop singer-songwriter made his solo debut in 2020 with "ดาวที่เลือนลาง กับใจที่บางเบา", and quickly rose to popularity among young, local listeners with an affinity for music that puts them in a trance. Recently featured as one of the artists in Spotify's RADAR Thailand, a global program that supports up-and-coming local talents, his hit single "ซูลูปาก้า ตาปาเฮ้" took the nation by storm in 2022, snagging the spot of Thailand's Most-Streamed Song, above "ถ้าเราเจอกันอีก (Until Then)" by Tilly Birds and "Pink Venom" by BLACKPINK. This emerging talent is certainly one to watch!

  1. Tattoo Colour

Thai Pop-Rock Band Tattoo Colour continues to be well-loved, and came up Top for the first time this year! With the release of their latest album, launch of a nostalgic concert, and feature in Spotify's ฉันฟังเพลงไทย (I Listen to Thai Songs) playlist and campaign kick-off, Tattoo Colour quickly became the hottest local artist of 2022, placing fourth in Thailand's Top Artists list - after BTS, Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK - and first in Thailand's Top Local Groups list.

"We are really grateful for how amazing this year turned out for us," said Tattoo Colour. "With our big "Once Upon A Time, Happy Birthday" concert and new album launch after a five-year hiatus, we can easily say that this year has been very memorable. Especially since we've also been named the most-streamed local artist on Spotify! Thank you, Spotify, for giving us the chance to connect with our beloved listeners. This year was great, but next year will be even more fun and incredible - just you wait, Chao Niors!"

  1. Violette Wautier

A talented Thai-Belgian singer, Violette Wautier became an instant hit since her debut album  "Glitter and Smoke" launched in 2020. Last year, she was selected to be part of EQUAL - a program committed to fostering equity for women in the music industry - which brought her image to the center of New York's Time Square Billboards, expanding her reach beyond borders. With her goal to connect to more fans in and out of Thailand, and the release of her newest album in October, Violette flew up the charts and appeared in Top Lists this year - ranking #3 in Thailand's Top Local Female Artists list.

  1. Blackbeans

This emerging indie-pop group formed by four high school friends - Boom, Time, Game and Peach - released their first chart-topping album "You (Are) Mean a Lot to Me" in 2020 and skyrocketed to fame with their viral song "Wish". With the continuous popularity of their first album, the release of their second album "Flowers on earth", and their feature in RADAR Thailand, Blackbeans gained strong streams and made their mark on Top Lists for the very first time as they placed fourth in Thailand's Top Local Groups list and "You (Are) Mean a Lot to Me" placed fourth in Thailand's Top Local Albums.

"We're so happy to be one of Thailand's leading artists this year and we just want to thank everyone who has listened to our songs and supported us! We feel closer to our fans than ever before - those who already know us and those who just discovered us. Being featured in Top Lists makes us more inspired to take our everyday experiences and turn it into music and lyrics. We love our fans so much and hope that everyone enjoys our music!", shared Blackbeans.


She's a rising T-Pop singer who has made waves with hit tracks like "เอาปากกามาวง" and "คนหรือไมโครเวฟ (microwave)" since her debut in 2021. Named one of Spotify's RADAR Thailand artists earlier this year, she continues to shine in the local music scene, shooting up the charts and gaining her first appearance on Wrapped 2022 Top Lists as the fifth Most-Streamed Local Female Artist.

It is no secret that Spotify has provided a platform for many local artists to flourish. BOWKYLION, a Top Lists returning champ - 2022's Top Thai Solo Artist - and past face of EQUAL and ฉันฟังเพลงไทย (I Listen to Thai Songs) campaigns, said, "I wouldn't be where I am today without Spotify. Art is only perfect when it has an audience, and Spotify's platform enables listeners to connect with music in the most profound way possible. I'm always excited to be part of Spotify's campaigns, and I know that the listeners get excited too. So, thank you Spotify, for understanding our listeners, for allowing them to grasp the essence of our art and for empowering artists like me to be creative in our own ways!"

For more information on Spotify Wrapped 2022, visit For The Record.


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Five Thai Artists featured on Spotify Wrapped Top Lists for the Very First Time in 2022