Explore Infinite Lagrange at 120Hz UHD Graphics in the PC Version

Thursday 29 December 2022 09:04
Explore star systems and uncover the stories of a universe. The vivid worldview, great strategic depth, and extremely frequent updates and improvements have made Infinite Lagrange one of the hottest sci-fi games in China within one year of its launch. Its hardcore sci-fi charm is intuitively reflected by topping the list of free games on iOS and ranking among the top 10 most popular games.
Explore Infinite Lagrange at 120Hz UHD Graphics in the PC Version

Explore the endless galaxy of Infinite Lagrange. The PC version of Infinite Lagrange will be officially launched on December 28 with 120Hz UHD graphics. Embark on an immersive journey of endless space exploration!

Cinematic Sci-fi Visual Experience
High Frame Rate Space Travel

All Explorers can explore space on a large screen after this update. The blockbuster sci-fi special effects shown when the protagonist is sucked into the grand and magnificent galaxy of Infinite Lagrange in the PV for the PC version have left countless Explorers curious and excited. The cinematic sci-fi scenes and realistic and vivid galactic special effects make everything seem real. When scenes such as the vast starry sky, spaceships, and huge stargates are presented successively as CG effects, the HDR cinematic visual effects astonish all onlookers.

Explorers have been talking about the extremely textured and exquisite graphics and solemn rich industrial art style of Infinite Lagrange for some time now. Explore and advance endlessly! The PC version of Infinite Lagrange features significantly upgraded art and sci-fi blockbusters graphics.

Enjoy specular reflection effects in the PC version of Infinite Lagrange. Feast your eyes on extremely realistic sci-fi blockbuster graphics when your ships are illuminated by stars in outer space while traveling through galaxies and traversing star systems, as well as the contrast of light and shadow from fierce explosions of warships.

In addition to using light and shadows cleverly, Infinite Lagrange is now available at 120Hz! Sail through space twice as smoothly at 120Hz than at 60Hz in the PC version to perceive everything more comfortably and naturally!

Drawing on cutting-edge technology and breakthrough experiences, the PC version of Infinite Lagrange also utilizes an advanced collision monitoring technology that prevents the overlapping of ships in fierce space battles. This allows all Explorers to enjoy grander and more magnificent battle scenes and makes it more convenient to execute precise tactical strategies.

Synchronized Progress on the PC and Mobile Versions
Thoughtful Improvements that Make Space Exploration More Enjoyable

Explore the vast universe and develop your forces! The PC and mobile versions of Infinite Lagrange are fully synchronized, creating a truly diverse environment for space exploration!

The targeted improvements made to the PC version of Infinite Lagrange create a smooth, high-quality strategic experience. For example, the unique tray of the PC version adapts the game to the PC environment, while the adjustment of UI settings makes it smoother to play the game with a keyboard and mouse.

Sincere Upgrade of a Sci-Fi Masterpiece
Keep Exploring to Create a Bright Future

Have a free and convenient diverse experience. In the PC version of Infinite Lagrange, Explorers can choose the best environment for them to enjoy the game and explore the vast universe. The thoughtful PC adaptation of the game fully reflects the team's sincerity. Amazing graphics on a large screen augment the realism and detail of Lagrange's original universe and enhance its stunning audio and graphic effects.

Keep exploring to create a bright future! We invite everyone to embark on a hardcore sci-fi space adventure in the Infinite Lagrange PC version. Explore the universe in this visual and audio masterpiece and create your own epic space adventure.

About Infinite Lagrange

Infinite Lagrange is NetEase's original cosmic strategy mobile game in which Explorers can have a cinematic experience of interstellar battlefields and battles that span hundreds of astronomical units. Explore the Milky Way in Infinite Lagrange to uncover its history and stories, find countless anthropological relics, and explore its ideals and secrets.

Download the game: https://infinitelagrange.onelink.me/7PMX/4b342305
Official Website: https://www.infinitelagrange.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/InfiniteLagrange
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infinite.Lagrange

Source: NetEase Games