ABeam named winner at Japan Branding Awards 2022

Monday 16 January 2023 08:39
Now in the fifth year since their establishment, the awards recognize companies, organizations, businesses, and services that excel in branding
ABeam named winner at Japan Branding Awards 2022

ABeam Consulting Ltd., one of the leading global business and digital transformation consulting firms with headquarter in Tokyo, Japan, has recently been named among the winners of the prestigious Japan Branding Awards 2022 by Interbrand Japan, Japan's largest branding company.

In 2021, ABeam Consulting formulated its long-term vision, Vision 2030, and medium-term management plan, Strategy 2025, to stand out among clients seeking to respond to a society undergoing discontinuous change. As one of the measures to realize this goal, the firm has launched a project to enhance its brand value and launched the new brand slogan, "Build Beyond As One" to further evolve the "Real Partner(R)" mindset that has been ABeam's management philosophy since its inception.

To further elaborate, "Build" expresses the firm's desire to lead reliably from conception to realization with a bird's-eye view of the entire process, while "Beyond" reflects the desire to create new value for the future beyond conventional frameworks. And "As One" manifests the firm's desire to co-create and lead teams that include clients, business partners, employees, and other stakeholders.

"With this as our core brand promise, we are working on delivering services and solutions that cater to the needs of clients and resonate with our brand promise, while pervading and further transforming the mindset of employees who are responsible for the substance of our professional services" says Mr. Ichiro Hara, Managing Director and SEA Leader. "This honorary title from Japan Branding Awards is the pride of all ABeam employees all over the world, and it also shows how clear and distinctive our vision is. ABeam Thailand is embracing this same vision and philosophy to further forge a strong strategy in the future."

Now in the fifth year since their establishment, the awards, which were created in 2018, to recognize companies, organizations, businesses, and services that excel in branding, and to provide opportunities to learn about their activities. Japanese and foreign-affiliated commercial companies doing business in Japan are eligible, as are various other corporate entities and organizations.

According to the judicial committee of Japan Branding Awards, ABeam is working on its business and strategies in an integrated manner with the participation of both top management and front-line employees in order to increase the probability of achieving them as it promotes a transformation of internal and external perceptions. Moreover, the company's strengths and areas that need strengthening are expressed in a clear and concise corporate message as the differentiating feature of ABeam. ABeam has been able to successfully use this as a basis and tool for decision-making within the company. As a result, the firm started to become recognized externally after just one year, which is something many similar companies could learn from.

As a global consulting firm originating from Japan and Asia, ABeam Consulting will continue to take on challenges and evolve as a creative partner that contributes to the transformation of companies, organizations, and society based on co-creation with clients.

Source: ABeam Consulting