Younger Twin Class Woosa Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Wednesday 18 January 2023 09:00
Pearl Abyss announced today that the new "Woosa" class is now available in Black Desert Mobile. Woosa was first released on Black Desert PC and has now made her way to mobile as well. To celebrate her arrival, Adventurers can also expect to redeem lucrative rewards. 
Younger Twin Class Woosa Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Woosa, the Butterfly on the Path to Enlightenment, hailed from the Woodo School, a group of those who temper their body and mind to wield the Do. Her calming and elegant appearance, dressed in traditional Korean attire, belies her deadly combat style. 

Using a butterfly-summoning fan as her main weapon, Woosa can deliver piercing strikes when it is folded to attack enemies from a short distance. She can also unfurl her fan and imbue it with Do arts for large area-of-effect attacks. 

Woosa has four skills that she is capable of performing from the outset. For example, "Wingbeat" is a skill where she enlarges her Swallowtail fan to unleash powerful winds and wipe out waves of enemies. The "Cloudcarve" skill summons butterflies to lift enemies into the sky and slam them back down to the ground. 

As promised at the last Calpheon Ball, a special gift containing a coupon code will be given to everyone. Adventurers can now redeem these lucrative rewards to celebrate the unity of the twin classes. 

Watch Woosa's preview here to learn more about her skills and redeem your coupon here.

Along with the new class update, Adventurers can also expect to enjoy the new PvE content "Battle for Fort Shultz," which was first revealed during the last Calpheon Ball. Adventurers will need to form a group of 10 participants to join forces and defeat the Shultz Guard Captain. 

Various rewards including an Ah'krad, a Chaos Core, and Magical Essence will be awaiting Adventurers who complete the event. The event will be open to Adventurers on Thursday and Saturday for two weeks. 

Visit Black Desert Mobile's official website for more information.

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Caption - Younger Twin Class Woosa Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

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