B. Braun steps up initiatives to support inclusive growth

Monday 23 January 2023 14:22
As one of the world's leading medical technology companies, B. Braun emphasizes its social responsibility by driving activities and guiding its efforts to enable inclusive growth throughout communities. Committed to protecting and improving the health of the people around the world, the company identifies forward initiatives to advance its sustainability strategy, giving priority collectively to the economy, society, and environment towards achieving sustainable growth for the benefit of the next generations.
B. Braun steps up initiatives to support inclusive growth

Embracing social responsibility to live responsibly

Committed to socially accountable as one of the company's corporate commitment, B. Braun has embedded its responsibility for sustainable growth for employees, society, and the environment throughout its business ecosystem. The family-owned company prioritizes people alongside innovation and efficiency as one of the future-guiding values, empowering its capability to shape the medical technology world in the most meaningful way.

Beyond innovation development for better patient care, B. Braun strives to do more to bring inclusive access to healthcare and enhance healthcare systems particularly in developing countries.

"Putting the next generation in mind in every step we take"

B. Braun Thailand continues this commitment to support the society's social interests in the long term, beyond its current business activities. The company focuses on imparting expertise, promoting the regions in which it operates, and improving prospects for generations. This ranges from material resources to financial support in the form of sponsoring and donations, to volunteer work or sharing expertise by employees. The company reevaluates its social projects periodically, paying particular attention to how its involvement benefits the individual needs of the target group.

Mr. Sayan Roy, Managing Director, B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd. said, "Social responsibility has been an essential part of our corporate commitment for decades as one of the members in this family. Being aware of our responsibility to the society and the environment, B. Braun utilizes the resources available to us in an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable way. As we do this, the constant exchange of expertise is contributed to the future-oriented solutions throughout B. Braun's entire value creation cycle. What we are committed to here is more than just corporate social responsibility, it is what justifies our reason to stand for people around the world. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world."

In 2022, B. Braun Thailand has done a number of activities to help the people and healthcare professionals fight COVID-19 namely collaborating with Duang Prateep Foundation on COVID-19 vaccines donation to Klong Toey's community and donation of essential consumer goods and medical products to local communities, partnering with Thonburi Bumrungmuang Hospital in setting up a renal dialysis center at a field hospital to provide free dialysis treatments to COVID patients, collaborating with GIZ Thailand and the Healthcare Accreditation Institute on driving public knowledge on COVID-19 protection by donating hand hygiene awareness handbooks to schools in Ubon Ratchathani province, and alcohol-based sanitizer donation to hospitals.

More than healthcare, B. Braun group also pays attention to creating better living conditions and prospects for children as guided by the "B. Braun for Children" initiative project established in 2004, which has benefited more than 80,000 children worldwide. In Thailand, the company financially supported Khotchawek Withaya School's renovation in Ayutthaya province and Ban Yang Thon School's renovation and plantation in Kanchanaburi province. Our initiatives towards children are not designed to only protect and improve their quality health and well-being but also encourage strong learning capability and environment, a foundation of a promising future.

Mr. Tan Sriudon, CSR Club Head, B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd. said, "Our intention is to help support the society through projects dedicated to schools, children, communities, the environment and other key areas that matter. We earnestly believe that our goodwill efforts will bring better social development."

Source: 2COMMU