SEAC-CCL launch the "Digital Leadership Readiness in Thailand" research pushing ahead to accelerate the development of digital agility with Thai leaders.

Wednesday 25 January 2023 15:54
The global economy is forecast to be digitalized by 50% in 2025. Among the countries seen to have accelerated its digital transformation, Thailand targets to increase its digital economy to 50% by 2030. However, based on an IDC study last year, Thailand has been ranked at the bottom of nine Asia-Pacific markets for digital agility.
SEAC-CCL launch the Digital Leadership Readiness in Thailand research pushing ahead to accelerate the development of digital agility with Thai leaders.

To bridge this gap, SEAC and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) are joining hands to accelerate the development of digital agility with Thai leaders.

SEAC and CCL have launched the "Digital Leadership Readiness in Thailand" research, aiming to understand the leaders' view on their organization's leadership readiness for digital transformation.

Organizations participating in this research have the option of receiving individual company insights containing a diagnosis and benchmarking of their Digital Leadership Readiness and recommendations offered by SEAC and CCL.

Building on the research insights SEAC and CCL will co-create a digital agility program to be offered to the Thai business community. Details on the program will be announced later. Organizations who participate in the research mentioned, will have an exclusive invitation to the pilot of the program.

Synergizing CCL's rigor in leadership research, its award-winning leadership content, and innovative best practices with SEAC's deep understanding of Thai market, the digital agility program will provide an opportunity for Thai leaders to benefit from the best of both institutions.

As a leader in personal and organizational development that ignites a passion for lifelong learning, SEAC is committed to support Thai organizations adapt to these digital transformation trends to create new and effective innovations together with improved ways of workflows in the hybrid world. SEAC encourages Thai leaders to never stop learning and enhancing their capabilities with up-to-date skills and know-how. In recent years, SEAC has helped many Thai public organizations and businesses grow and succeed in building digital capabilities at the individual and organization levels. SEAC offers more than 30 certificate programs created in collaboration with leading global digital training partners and many more programs developing the supporting leadership and soft skills.

"While COVID-19 has been an instrumental driver for organizations and individuals to become more digitally agile in the past two years, CCL's recent research WORK 3.0: Reimagining Leadership in a Hybrid World suggests that the new work arrangements are here to stay, and leaders as well as organizations need to adapt with various hybrid work models, expectations, enablers and blockers in mind. CCL is elated to bring our global leadership development expertise to help Thai leaders prepare for a successful WORK 3.0 and beyond through the partnership with SEAC", says Diana Khaitova, Regional Head of Client Development - APAC at CCL.

Commenting on the partnership, Khun Arinya Talerngsri, Managing Director and Founder of SEAC says, "Building digital capability is the most common and pressing challenge that my clients share with me. I'm delighted to be working with a world-class partner like CCL to help organisations in Thailand understand where they are in building digital capability through leadership and to offer practical development solutions in collaboration with CCL. We are proud to be part of the mutual effort to enhance the potential of Thai leaders through our co-created digital agility program. SEAC is fully committed to driving this project towards its success, and to be a part of this important step for Thailand to achieve its targeted digital economy growth by 2030."

For organizations who would like to partake in the Digital Leadership Readiness in Thailand research, please contact Chayanit Chaiyon [email protected] by January 27th

Source: Chomchaviwan