Mazda offers convenience, promptness and safety to customers when booking Mazda cars via Sky Journey at Mazda Showroom Nationwide

Tuesday 14 February 2023 09:29
Mazda continues to enhance its brand value through the "Retention Business Model" that focuses on building brand value to create long-term customer engagement. The Customer Retention Business provides the best customer experience with the best sales and service offers to keep up with the digital business world by launching the Sky Journey system, which is a new channel for purchasing cars. The purpose of the system is to enhance convenience, promptness and safety, which customers just scan the QR Code via the Sky Journey system from sales consultants certified by Mazda Sales Thailand and dealers to receive special offers, details, quotations, car reservation information, pick-up date and can access to information through the systems. This system also has data security standards with encryption and access limitation to protect customers' personal information in order to provide customers the best experience in purchasing car and enjoy using Mazda cars safely throughout the journey.
Mazda offers convenience, promptness and safety to customers when booking Mazda cars via Sky Journey at Mazda Showroom Nationwide

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Senior Vice President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) co., Ltd. said, "Mazda strives to the best of its abilities to create maximum customer satisfaction by enhancing customer's experience in every touchpoints, including taking care of customers closely and provide best offers that meet the different needs of each customer. Therefore, on the one hand, Mazda has brought systems and digital technologies to develop further for use so that customers can become Mazda family as easily as possible. On the other hand, the system that we will bring to use also has to be ready in terms of data security to build trust and protect privacy information for customers, which starts from the contact process, receive offers to after-sales service, which is the most important.

Therefore, Mazda has developed and launched the Sky Journey system to be the main channel for car purchasing. Customers just register to receive exclusive offer from Mazda's official sales consultants via scanning their personal QR Code at Mazda showroom and event to access to the Sky Journey system. By scanning and filling out the information for registration, customers will receive information including special offers, product details, finance information, installment rates and important details about car booking from sales consultants. The Sky Journey system will allow customers to verify the accuracy of the information used to reserve a car, issuing quotation, issuing document, including being able to view personal details and car information that needed to be used to inform the insurance company. This improves convenience and provides even more data security to customers.

In addition, the Sky Journey is a system that protects the personal information of registered customers. This is because it is a channel that Mazda Sales Thailand and the dealer can verify and Mazda also sets a system to protect the customers' information by verifying the person accessing the information, restrict access to information and encrypt important information to give more confidence to customers. Moreover, Mazda plans to use the Sky Journey system as only sales channel for sales consultants across the country to give customers the best experience in terms of comfort, safety and the highest satisfaction of joining the Mazda family from pre-purchase to lifetime.

The registration process to receive information on the Sky Journey offering is as follows.

  • Customer scan QR Code directly from sales consultant to register and access to the system
  • Once registered, the system will display the name-surname, dealer name and the contact number of the sales consultant
  • Check the offers from sales consultant and confirm the details
  • Check the car reservation from received from sales consultant and confirm the details
  • Customers can view personal information and car information that used to inform insurance company to confirm the correctness

"The Sky Journey system is the technology that Mazda use to facilitate customers in booking a car. It also allows Mazda to deliver the vehicle precisely in terms of model, color and timing because customers can confirm information and offers through digital channels. If an error occurs, it can be fixed quickly. This is in accordance with the "All for Customers" approach that focuses on customers and elevate the customer experiences with the brand. Mazda hopes that the Sky Journey system will be another channel to create satisfaction and provide convenience to customers when booking a car with Mazda." Mr. Thee said.

Customers who are interested in reserving Mazda cars or would like to request for more information about the Sky Journey system please ask for more information at Mazda showrooms nationwide or at

Source: Mazda Sales (Thailand)

Mazda offers convenience, promptness and safety to customers when booking Mazda cars via Sky Journey at Mazda Showroom Nationwide