At Full Volume: Spotify supports the voices of Thai Female Artists all year long

Wednesday 08 March 2023 16:35
Celebrating International Women's Day, leading Spotify EQUAL ambassadors, MILLI, LANDOKMAI and PiXXiE reveal their thoughts and advice as a female voice in audio
At Full Volume: Spotify supports the voices of Thai Female Artists all year long

With the rise of technology, new opportunities have opened to empower females across the globe, especially for women in audio. This International Women's Day, Spotify partnered with leading Thai female artists to amplify their craft through an exclusive playlist สวัสดีวันสตรีสากล and interview. The music, lyrics and voices coming from these Thai women in audio are complex and vibrant, and Spotify is proud to champion them through its programs and playlists all through the year.

Through Spotify's EQUAL, a year-round initiative dedicated to women in music, female artists have collectively received nearly half a billion streams within their first month of joining the program. As part of EQUAL, Thai female artists like BOWKYLION and Violette Wautier have also been featured on New York Times Square's billboard.  

Technology Powering Gender Equity

With this year's IWD theme of "DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality", Spotify's Thai EQUAL Ambassadors MILLI, PiXXiE and LANDOKMAI share their thoughts on how technology has supported their craft as female artists.

"It's great that technology can help people access my music easily, through various playlists or searching my name on Spotify. It also enables knowledge to be shared online, raising awareness on the importance of equality", said MILLI, who is featured on the cover of สวัสดีวันสตรีสากล.

LANDOKMAI, spotlighted on the cover of EQUAL Thailand, also explained, "Technology is the turning point of our musical aspirations and ideas. We consume music from all over the world, which helped us figure out what kind of music we like and inspired us to create our music. Technology plays an important role in music today, and it can make great changes in the world."

"Spotify is one of the platforms that has helped many people connect to music online. It introduces music lovers to diverse genres through playlists and artist categories, and it has enabled music to be simply discovered", shared PiXXiE.

Breaking Boundaries through Music

Sharing their advice with the hopes of inspiring young Thais out there:

Pursue Your Passion

  • Spotify EQUAL Ambassador, MILLI - "Give things a try because it can't hurt to try. I want to encourage young Thais to do the same. If you're too afraid to go for it, you'll never really know what's good for you."
  • Spotify EQUAL Ambassador, PiXXiE - "To all the young Thais, be brave in following your dreams. Give yourselves the chance to try and don't let others steer you away from being yourselves." 

Celebrate Individuality and Authenticity 

  • Spotify EQUAL Ambassador, PiXXiE - "Diversity is what makes people unique; it's good to have courage to be yourself and shatter beauty standards. If we could turn back time, we would dare to be our authentic selves sooner, because being ourselves leads to irreplaceable happiness.  
  • Spotify EQUAL Ambassador, LANDOKMAI - "Just keep doing what you like to do because in the end, your efforts will be rewarded accordingly. And to everyone who has a dream of becoming an artist, we want to tell you that anyone can be an artist if you just go for it." 

Keen to discover and support female artists? Tune in to Spotify's special สวัสดีวันสตรีสากล playlist.

Source: Hill & Knowlton

At Full Volume: Spotify supports the voices of Thai Female Artists all year long