Influential Brands Singapore and Neo Target Set to Honor Top Brands at the Highly Anticipated "Influential Brand Awards 2022", Recognized as the Most Coveted Award Across ASEAN.

Monday 13 March 2023 09:23
Neo Target, a reputable corporate reputation advisor, and Influential Brands from Singapore jointly announce their preparations for the Influential Brands Award 2022. Over 200 renowned brands have been identified as the most influential this year, and the award ceremony will also recognize the most consistently successful brand in the business. Other major awards include CEO of the Year, Outstanding Business Leaders, and Outstanding Organizations. The award presentation ceremony will be held at the Chatrium Grand Hotel in Bangkok in March, with H.E. Mr. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports, presiding over the opening ceremony and presenting the awards.
Influential Brands Singapore and Neo Target Set to Honor Top Brands at the Highly Anticipated Influential Brand Awards 2022, Recognized as the Most Coveted Award Across ASEAN.

Mrs.Vannee Leelavechbutr, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Neo Target Co., Ltd., stated that this year's award selection process involved Neo Target and Influential Brands conducting a survey of Gen Y consumers in Thailand. This market research aimed to gather consumers' opinions and preferences on brands across Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. The survey covered a wide range of businesses, including over 92 FMCG categories such as department stores, wholesale, retail, supermarkets, hypermarkets, banks, telephone network operators, real estate/property developers, life and casualty insurance, delivery service providers, bakery chains, coffee businesses, and film businesses. The top-of-mind and most influential brands among consumers were promptly identified based on survey results.

According to Mr.Jorge Rodriguez, Managing Director of Influential Brands, Singapore, a survey was conducted to determine the brands that Gen Y consumers in Thailand prefer, and these brands were selected to receive the Influential Brands Award 2022. The survey included many brands such as AIS, Auntie Anne's, Cafe Amazon, CP-Meiji, Kratingdaeng, Lotus's, Major Cineplex, Makro, The Mall, Mister Donut, Muang Thai Life Assurance, Playmore, PTT Station, SCB, Thai Life Insurance, Top Supermarket, and Grab Delivery. The event also awards top leaders, including the CEO of the Year (Top CEO), Outstanding Leaders, and Outstanding Brands of the Year. This year's selected brands for these awards include Frasers Property, FWD Insurance, Government Housing Bank, Southeast Life Insurance, S&P, and Techno-Sell (Frey).

The "2022 Asia CEO Summit & Award Ceremony" will be held exclusively in Thailand in March 2023, at at the Chatrium Grand Hotel Bangkok.

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Influential Brands is a market research agency that aids businesses in developing their brand awareness and achieving the "Champion of Excellence" status on platforms that indicate engagement. Through collaborations with diverse organizations, we take pride in helping them establish a successful brand that generates value and is recognized for their significance and excellence. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the accumulation of knowledge and best practices for companies, enabling them to create high-quality, valuable, meaningful, and influential brands in their respective industries that uphold high living standards for people both now and in the future. Currently, Influential Brands(R) brings together global and regional brands from over 15 countries worldwide.

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Influential Brands Singapore and Neo Target Set to Honor Top Brands at the Highly Anticipated Influential Brand Awards 2022, Recognized as the Most Coveted Award Across ASEAN.