Mercedes-Benz Thailand reveals Business Direction for 2023 under the motto of "Ambition to Lead"

Tuesday 14 March 2023 10:17
Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) has released its perfomance for the year 2022 along with business direction for 2023. Globally, Mercedes-Benz has achieved sales growth of over 15% compared to the previous year, selling more than 2,043,900 passenger cars worldwide. It has also shown a significant increase in sales of battery electric vehicles under the Mercedes-EQ brand, with a growth rate of 124% and sales of more than 117,800 cars worldwide. The fast-selling models were in the SUV category, particularly the EQA and EQB. In Thailand, Mercedes-Benz achieved a growth rate of 34%, with a total of 13,182 registered vehicles in the previous year. The Dream Cars segment also showed a sales growth of 28% in the CLS and C-Coupe models. Sales of SUVs continued to grow consistently, while the Contemporary Luxury segment, including the new C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class, grew by 12%, followed by the Top-End Luxury segment, such as Mercedes-Maybach, which saw sales growth of more than three times compared to the previous year.
Mercedes-Benz Thailand reveals Business Direction for 2023 under the motto of Ambition to Lead

Under the leadership of the new President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Thailand, Mr. Martin Schwenk, the company has announced its motto, "Ambition to Lead", and its commitment to elevate the automotive industry in Thailand. This is reflected through its business direction, which prioritizes in sustainability, electrification, technology and innovation, and luxury experience. The key highlight of this year is the launch of three battery electric vehicles under Mercedes-EQ brand in the Thai market, starting with the EQB 250 AMG Line, a 5-seater SUV that combines luxury and comfort in every aspect. It meets various user needs and offers a zero-emission driving experience powered by a high-performance electric motor and battery. It can travel up to 460 kilometers according to the WLTP standard and is manufactured and imported as a CBU, with a starting price of THB 3,020,000.

Mr. Martin Schwenk, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, said, "2022 was a success for Mercedes-Benz both globally and in Thailand, amid various challenges in the automotive industry. This year, Mercedes-Benz Thailand will move forward with the motto of "Ambition to Lead," which is reflected in our business direction in all aspects. This includes Sustainability, as we aim to become a carbon-neutral organization by 2039, in line with Thailand's sustainable policy that sets a goal to become a carbon-neutral country by 2050. We also support the 30@30 policy of the EV Board, which aims to increase the proportion of electric cars in the country to 30% by 2029. Mercedes-Benz itself has set a goal to make every vehicles in our portfolio to be a battery electric vehicle by 2029 as well.

And the important thing in achieving our sustainability goals is to present Electrification to consumers globally. We have introduced the VISION EQXX, a prototype electric vehicle that has undergone real-world driving tests with a range of over 1,000 kilometers per full charge, demonstrating that we have brought the future of mobility to everyone today. In Thailand, we have launched the EQS 500 4MATIC AMG Premium, the country's longest-driving capability battery electric vehicle with over 702 kilometers per full charge, according to WLTP standards, which is available for consumers to purchase at Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealer nationwide. Furthermore, we have also introduced a cutting-edge innovation in the form of a plug-in hybrid vehicle, C 350 e AMG Dynamic. This PHEV can travel over 100 kilometers in EV mode, making it the longest-range plug-in hybrid vehicle in the luxury segment of the Thai market.

This year, we have planned to expand our EV portfolio in Thailand through the launch of three battery electric vehicles starting with the EQB 250 AMG Line, one of the fast-selling models under the Mercedes-EQ brand globally. We also support the infrastructure to expand our charging network for electric vehicle through cooperation with leading EV charging point operators (CPOs) in Thailand.

On top of sustainability and electrification intiatives, Mercedes-Benz is dedicated to introducing cutting-edge Technology and Innovation to the automotive industry in Thailand. We are ready to offer an experience that exceeds expectations in every dimension by introducing innovations such as the Hyperscreen, latest generation MBUX, Digital Light with more than 600 meters Ultra high range beam, Driver Assistance package, and Rear Axle Steering system. In addition to providing these superior innovations, delivering a Luxury Experience to our customers is also important. We communicate both internally and externally and coordinate our efforts to ensure confidence that everyone in our organization and our partners can provide an experience that exceeds customer's expectations and establish a consistent luxury experience in all aspects according to the Mercedes-Benz standard for each and every one of our special customers."

Mr. Bjoern Gustrau, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, stated, "To conduct business under the motto of "Ambition to Lead", Mercedes-Benz Thailand has applied to our marketing and communication strategy, starting with a concept transformation for showcasing our superior vehicles at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show. This year, we have made a significant change in presenting the new era of Mercedes-Benz by showcasing cars in a new location at booth No. A19, Challenger Hall 1, which we have created public awareness through integrated online and offline communication campaigns. The special feature of the Mercedes-Benz booth this year is the design under the concept "Ambition to Lead", offering an unforgettable experience to visitors from the moment they step into our booth until they decide to own a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. In addition, the booth is divided into zones for showcasing all models of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including ICE and PHEV, BEV under the Mercedes-EQ brand, high-performance vehicles under the Mercedes-AMG brand, Top-End luxury cars such as Mercedes-Maybach, as well as legendary vehicles like the SL and G-Class, which are available for all Thai customers to own at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show or through Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealer nationwide."

Mr. Putthi Tulayathun, Vice President of Customer Services of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, said, "For the customer services department, we have prepared new digital products to present at the Mercedes Me Store, where customers can purchase additional products according to their needs, such as Rear Axle Steering which reduces car turning radius and improves control. Active Distance Assistance Distronic, a system that helps controls the distance between the cars while driving, and Individualization, which adds entertainment in various forms, such as choosing the interior atmosphere of the car, including the sound and graphics displayed on the screen or mini-games that customers can choose according to their preferences. Additionally, this year we will introduce a payment system for service fees through online systems to cover all vehicle statuses when bringing the car for additional services from the existing online system service. This includes making online appointment booking and notifying the car's status while receiving services. Furthermore, we also offer personal assistant service through sending notification messages when the car is approaching the service interval or system check, whether it be the battery or brake system, as well as special offers and events organized exclusively for Mercedes-Benz customers, particularly for our Mercedes-Benz cars. Other services we are offering for our customers are Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts, StarParts, or REMAN for out-of-warranty vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Original Tyres (MO/MOE), as well as body and paint repairs per Mercedes-Benz standards, and various MBSP programs that cover all customer needs according to their usage, in order to provide the best experience and highest performance throughout the use of Mercedes-Benz cars in Thailand."

"Of course, one of our main goals is to grow sales in Thailand this year. We expect double-digit growth by presenting eight new models in total. One of them is the EQB 250 AMG Line, which was launched today. Mercedes-Benz is committed to developing cutting-edge technology and delivering an exceptional customer experiences, in line with the "Ambition to Lead" motto, to reaffirm our leadership position in elevating the automotive industry in Thailand." Mr. Martin Schwenk concluded.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Thailand

Mercedes-Benz Thailand reveals Business Direction for 2023 under the motto of Ambition to Lead