From New York, SAVOR BEAUTY, natural organic skincare, debuts in Thailand

Thursday 16 March 2023 14:08
Savor Beauty, a natural organic skincare brand created by Angela Jia Kim who wanted to incorporate Korean beauty and self-love rituals in a New York minute, makes its first appearance outside the USA in Bangkok.
From New York, SAVOR BEAUTY, natural organic skincare, debuts in Thailand

Savor Beauty is ready to pamper Thai women with Korean beauty in the style of New York women who are always in a hurry and time limitation by creating the Numbered System on the packaging to make it easy and save time when treating the skin with At Home Luxe Facial Kit 0 - 5 steps.

Treat yourself quicker and more confident in a minute, or indulge yourself with a treatment that combines facial massage techniques to intensively treat skin to be juicy, shiny, and radiant by estheticians from Savor Beauty Sukhumvit 39 (Soi Promsri 1). Contact for an appointment or purchase products at Line / call: 088-956-9955

With a fast-paced lifestyle and limited time for New York girls, "I want to incorporate the Korean beauty rituals that I grew up with, inspired by my mom who take care of her skin. I needed flawless skin in a New York minute. And it must be organic, and it must work", said the Korean American Founder Angela Jia Kim, a former classical pianist who grew up with Korean beauty together with having belief in the Self-Love philosophy.

From researching and searching for high-efficiency organic ingredients to creating a Savor Beauty product in the beauty kitchen until growing and hiring a group of New York women transitioning back to work. Nowadays, every bottle is handmade, manufactured, and delivered by women, fresh every week, guaranteed quality with the Best of New York award, and has been featured in leading publications such as New York Times, Vogue, Elle, People. , Allure, Well-Good, etc.

"Treat your skin like the most expensive silk on earth. Your skin can tell a big story about your feeling, emotion, physical and spirit. Boost your radiant from skin to soul," said Angela, who is known as the Clean Beauty Guru, stressing that Savor Beauty is a natural product. The ingredients are certified organic, focusing on clean, formulated formulas that are highly effective. Good for individual skin and trial products only on experts.

Savor Beauty is the first skincare brand and the only brand that Angela Create uses the Numbered System. Steps are arranged with numbers 0 - 5 to make it easy, convenient, and fast to treat the skin to be juicy, shiny, and radiant at home. In addition, it has designed 4 programs for facial treatment. that combines intensive facial massage techniques in Korean style by estheticians for facial lovers to experience all 2 award-winning Savor Spas in New York.

For Thai women, the opportunity for Korean beauty in New York style has arrived. Treat yourself at home with At Home Luxe Facial Kit or consult estheticians at Savor Beauty Sukhumvit 39 (Soi Promsri 1). Please contact Line / call: 088-956-9955

Source: แม็กซิม่า คอนซัลแตนท์

From New York, SAVOR BEAUTY, natural organic skincare, debuts in Thailand