FWD Insurance Launches its First Online Video Series, Paving the Way for Continuous Innovation in Life Insurance Industry with AI-driven Creativity

Friday 24 March 2023 13:33
FWD Life Insurance Plc ("FWD Insurance") is a digital by designed company committed to lead the life insurance industry by continuously creating innovative solutions. Recently, the company was the first to launch the online video series in the life insurance industry, powered by ChatGPT and Designs.ai to create all video content, from scripting, selecting pictures, texts, music, editing, and narration.

Ms. Pavarisa Chumvigrant, Chief Branding and Communications Officer of FWD Insurance revealed, "Throughout our brand communication efforts, FWD Insurance continues to push forward with innovations, including our most recent launch of the 'Online Video Series', a three-part set of videos under two concepts: the 10th Anniversary Version and the Celebrate Living Version. This marks a first for the insurance industry to deploy AI technology from end to end in creating advertising content, reaching new generations of people to take us closer to accomplishing our vision of Changing the way people feel about insurance."

FWD Insurance is a digital by designed company. We have recently studied the workings of ChatGPT and developed it further alongside other AI programs to create online video content targeted at Segment G, a demographic group characterized by a young-at-heart attitude, creative thinking, a grasp of technology, future planning, and an interest in life insurance. We have fed in-depth data into ChatGPT to create video scripts with relevant content and language that resonate with the target audience. We have also integrated Designs.ai technology to add voice-overs, select images, and music to our videos.

"FWD Insurance is committed to our vision of 'Changing the way people feel about insurance.' Through our digital transformation, we have worked to create innovative ways to build brand awareness and recognition, like this video series. Despite our technology-driven approach, we remain focused on storytelling that resonates with an insightful understanding of our customers and that connects with the hearts and minds of our customers. We aim to establish balanced communication that speaks to both what our brand wants to convey and what our customers want to hear. We invite you to watch our new series of three videos at https://fb.watch/i_OIZyAu99/" Ms. Pavarisa concluded.

Source: Neo Target