Maximizing Songkran Sales in 2023: eCommerce Business Trends and Insights in Thailand

Friday 31 March 2023 16:53
Capitalizing on the Songkran Festival
Maximizing Songkran Sales in 2023: eCommerce Business Trends and Insights in Thailand

On your mark, get set, splash! With Songkran 2023 just around the corner, consumers are gearing up to shop during the festival. Thailand's e-commerce market is rapidly growing, presenting a great opportunity for boosting Songkran 2023 sales for eCommerce businesses during the festive season. Over 80% of Thai millennials purchase gifts online for convenience. This is driven by a shift in consumer behavior's and the increased use of internet and smartphone technology. To capitalize on this trend, businesses can tailor their marketing efforts by creating mobile-friendly websites and apps, using social media platforms, and offering special promotions and discounts during the Songkran festival. Brands should focus on personalizing their offerings and messaging to individual consumers to attract them and encourage online purchases.

Trends in consumer behavior's and purchasing habits

  • A report from TikTok found that 41% of users expect to discover something new during this time, and users are 2 times more likely to look forward to summer sales than non-users.
  • Over half of consumers plan to shop during summer sales, with 8 in 10 intending to shop through online marketplaces. 
  • Additionally, 72% of consumers are more likely to shop on TikTok Shop during the summer season.

Consumers in Thailand are becoming more comfortable with shopping online, with mobile e-commerce being particularly popular. The top spending categories during Songkran are food and beverage, fashion, beauty and personal care, household items, travel, and tech and electronics. Payment methods for e-commerce in Thailand are diverse, with cash on delivery being the most popular, followed by credit and debit cards and e-wallets.

Another emerging trend among Thai consumers is International Localism. This trend reflects a desire to buy locally produced goods and support local businesses, while also protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices during the festive season. Brands that can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing will be well-positioned to capitalize on this trend.

Finally, intentional spending is becoming increasingly important for Thai consumers. They are looking for products that are flexible, durable, and sustainable, and are willing to invest in quality items that will last. Brands that can offer products that are both high-quality and environmentally friendly will be well-suited to meet these consumer needs and preferences.

Songkran 2023 is all about Reconnecting

For Songkran 2023, Thais are focusing on reconnecting with friends and family through at-home and out-of-home gatherings.

  • 91% at looking for at-home gatherings with friends and families 
  • 86% intend to visit more relatives and friends at home
  • 78% looking forward to out- of- house gatherings with friends and family

When to start marketing for Songkran 2023 sales

To maximize sales during Songkran in Thailand, it's recommended to start marketing your products at least one month before the festival begins. This will allow ample time to plan and execute your marketing campaigns, reach your target audience, and generate buzz around your products or services. 

Utilizing social media platforms, email marketing, and local advertising channels can help reach a wider audience. It's crucial to tailor your marketing efforts to appeal to traveler's or those celebrating the festival with loved ones. Offering special discounts, promotions, or packages can further enhance sales.

Two weeks before the festival is a good time to start hyping customers for upcoming sales and promotions. Building demand for your products early can drive sales during the festival. On launch day, create massive awareness for your products and increase the frequency of your ads for promotion awareness. Engage your customers and encourage participation by showcasing your product use cases.

To sustain momentum and build consideration and intent throughout the season, continue to drive relevant unique selling points of your product. Analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns to make necessary adjustments and improve for future festivals and events. You can always engage an expert to do this for you. Bidmath is an award-winning, data-driven digital media and analytics agency built for the future.

Source: Bidmath

Maximizing Songkran Sales in 2023: eCommerce Business Trends and Insights in Thailand