Online streaming of the 6 Japanese films available for FREE via JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA

Tuesday 09 May 2023 14:11
Duration: Today - 15 June at 15:00 (Thailand time)Subtitles: English and SpanishCost: Free (user registration is required to watch; not available for viewing from Japan)Streaming URL:
Online streaming of the 6 Japanese films available for FREE via JFF INDEPENDENT CINEMA

Six independent Japanese films will be available on JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA, a special streaming program aimed at overseas audiences which is organized by the Japan Foundation. 

JFF+ INDEPENDENT CINEMA features Japanese films which have been selected by the managers of six independent theaters ("mini-theater") throughout Japan that have nurtured the diversity of Japanese cinema over the years. In addition to streaming the films online for free, it also provides columns and interview videos with programmers, directors and actors.

Films were selected by the managers of six mini-theaters, those are Forum Sendai (Sendai City); Takada Sekaikan (Joetsu City); Cinematheque Takasaki (Takasaki City); Cinema Jack & Betty (Yokohama City); Cine nouveau (Osaka City); and Cinema5 (Oita City). We are streaming 6 films that have graced the screens of mini-theaters in recent years, from films that highlight people's lifestyles and community issues against the backdrop of local climates and landscapes, to films that pursue new cinematic expressions. We are delighted to introduce the current state of Japanese cinema to people overseas from many perspectives.

How to Watch

  1. Go to this webpage:
  2. Click on each film for more detailed information. Then, click 'Watch for Free' to jump to the streaming page.
  3. By clicking on the Watch for Free button, a screen will appear to confirm your email address.
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  5. After watching any films, please give us your feedback. You can fill out our survey by clicking on the Write Feedback button on each film page.

About JFF+ Indenendent Cinema programmers from mini-theaters
The managers of the following six mini-theaters located throughout Japan, have selected six films to offer an attractive lineup for movie fans around the world.

  • NAGASAWA Ryo, programmar of Forum Cinema Network and HASHIMURA
  • Sayumi, manager of Forum Sendai (Sendai City)
  • UENO Michinari, manager of Takada Sekaikan (Joetsu City)
  • SHIO Mutsuko, manager of Cinematheque Takasaki (Takasaki City)
  • KAJIWARA Toshiyuki, manager of Cinema Jack & Betty (Yokohama City)
  • YAMASAKI Noriko, manager of Cine nouveau (Osaka City)
  • TAI Hajime, manager of Cinema5 (Oita City)

About Japanese Film Festival (JFF)
The JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL is a project organized by the Japan Foundation to promote Japanese films around the world. With a slogan of "Japanese Films Anywhere, Anytime," the program was launched in 2016 for 10 ASEAN countries and Australia. Since then, we expanded its network to include China, Russia, India, and many more countries. We continue to promote the appeal of Japanese films to the world.

About JFF+ (Japanese Film Festival Plus)
The JFF+ is a website operated by the JF to promote Japanese films to the worldwide audiences. It consists of three sections: Read, which features news and special columns on Japanese films; Watch, which offers online streaming of Japanese films online; and Join, which provides information on the events related to the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) that the Japan Foundation organizes around the world.

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About The Japan Foundation
The Japan Foundation was established in 1972 as a special legal entity supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2003, it was reorganized as an incorporated administrative agency to cultivate friendship and ties between Japan and the world. The Japan Foundation creates global opportunities to foster friendship, trust, and mutual understanding through culture, language, and dialogue through its 25 offices in 24 countries.

Organized by The Japan Foundation
Supported by Japan Community Cinema Center

Source:  Japan Foundation, Bangkok
Online streaming of the 6 Japanese films available for FREE via JFF INDEPENDENT CINEMA