Makro Unveils 3 Powerful Strategies at ThaiFex 2023: Igniting Food Innovations, Establishing International Food Destination, and Empowering Thai Chefs

Tuesday 23 May 2023 16:22
Makro Thailand, a key player in the food industry for over 33 years, showcases Strong Capabilities at THAIFEX 2023, Reinforcing Its Leading Position in the Food Business. Fueling Practical Food Innovations for Entrepreneurs, Meeting the Demands of the Modern Food Service Industry, and Embracing Popular Thai-International Menus while Paving Way for Thai Chefs to Shine on the Global Culinary Stage

Mr. Tanit Chearavanont, Chief Executive Officer - Makro Thailand, said the company remains steadfast in its commitment to sourcing top-notch ingredients from leading producers, both domestically and internationally. This unwavering dedication aims to meet the diverse needs of customers while promoting sustainable growth within the food industry.

At THAIFEX 2023, Makro highlighted its three strategic pillars that will revolutionize the culinary landscape and empower the Thai food industry:

Igniting Food Innovations: Makro Horeca Academy (MHA), in collaboration with the Thai Chef Association, leading producers, and SMEs, is driving culinary innovation by developing practical food solutions. These innovations under the brands "aro" and "aro gold" caters to diverse tastes and preferences, offering a wide range of food solutions for both local and international cuisines. Makro's ready-to-use sauces for popular dishes like Pad Thai and Pad Krapow, as well as a non-burning soy sauce for stir-fries, ensure consistent and delightful flavors. Additionally, the introduction of one-minute pastries adds convenience and value for businesses, streamlining service operations.

Establishing International Food Destination: Makro has solidified its position as the ultimate ingredients' hub in Thailand through strategic partnerships with over 2,000 allies, including domestic and international producers, as well as local farmers nationwide. This extensive network allows Makro to carefully select and provide customers with high-quality and standardized ingredients, reinforcing its position as the largest food destination in Thailand.

Empowering Thai Chefs: Makro is striving to advance Thai culinary professionals to global standards. Through collaborations with the Thailand Culinary Academy and representatives from the World Association of Chefs' Societies, Makro organizes the annual Makro Horeca Challenge. This prestigious competition identifies top professional chefs from all regions to represent Thai cuisine on the international stage. This year's event, held at SFH in South Korea, serves as a platform to elevate the global recognition of Thai ingredients and cuisine, demonstrating their exceptional quality and flavors. Furthermore, Makro continuously enhances its Makro Horeca Academy (MHA) training programs, empowering business owners with the skills and capabilities necessary for success in the industry.

Mr. Tanit Chearavanont expressed the significance of this event, stating, "It provides a valuable opportunity for Makro to engage in business matching and establish strategic partnerships with global alliances. Through collaboration with international business partners, Makro procures quality ingredients and remains attuned to evolving customer demands and industry trends. Our commitment lies in strengthening the food industry and fostering sustainable growth for both the industry and business operators."

Makro is participating in THAIFEX - ANUGA ASIA 2023, 23 -27 May at Booth UU15, Hall 12, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. The event, recognized as the largest and most comprehensive food and beverage trade show in Asia, provided an ideal platform for Makro to present a wide range of ingredients sourced from leading producers worldwide, highlighting their diverse culinary potential. Alongside the exhibition, the Chef Cooking Show, featuring talented chefs preparing popular savory and sweet dishes, captivated audiences throughout the five-day event.

Source: Neo Target