"ZTE" showcases ZTE smartphones and cutting-edge flagship tablet, Nubia PAD 3D, transforming the 3D digital experience with AI technology to penetrate the Thai market

Thursday 25 May 2023 17:06
ZTE Corporation, Global Leading Integrated Communication Information Solution Provider, announced plans to penetrate the Thai market. ZTE Device Thailand (ZTE) announced the launch of Nubia PAD 3D, the world's first 3D AI tablet in Thailand along with four new smartphones, ZTE Blade A31plus 2023, ZTE Blade A33s, ZTE Blade 53 Pro and nubia Neo 5G, powered with the UNISOC chipset, reinforcing industry leadership in innovative technology to support the digital life of the future. ZTE also joined forces with 16 retail partners or master dealers to help drive the ZTE smartphone market by distributing products and expanding sales channels throughout the country. The brand has set the goal of gaining more smartphone market share in 2023.
ZTE showcases ZTE smartphones and cutting-edge flagship tablet, Nubia PAD 3D, transforming the 3D digital experience with AI technology to penetrate the Thai market

Mr. Luo Wei , VP of ZTE Corporation, disclosed that ZTE's global business strategy was positioned to be a "Driver of Digital Economy" on a mission coupling this strategy to develop products according to digital trends and reducing carbon emissions. The latest strategy for ZTE Device Thailand was the official upgrade to Full-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem 2.0, also called "1+2+N". These are products which meet all conceivable digital needs and everyday end use cases, as devices and appliances to use inside or outside the home, including mobile phones, and the MyOS system as a central connective hub for other devices. Industrial solutions and products are offered in the product lines of Mobile Broadband (MBB), wireless broadband or Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and the Internet of Things (IoT), to meet the rapid expansion of global consumer demand.

This is in tandem with 5G tech capabilities to level up people's lives and work, whether getting consumers to carry more than one mobile device, or tapping into the powerful performance of "Cloud Networking and Devices" by ZTE MyOS operating system This overcomes many frontiers of different devices, while enabling seamless connections to an ecosystem of devices in the "1+2+N" format, being a smartphone, a personal signal terminal and corresponding home device, and other peripherals in the same ecosystem.

Mr. Justin Li, CEO of ZTE Devices South and Southeast Asia, said that despite the overall global smartphone market being impacted by economic conditions not showing much sign of recovery, ZTE remains focussed on developing tech innovation for digital lifestyles of the future. This can be seen from the first 3D AI tablet device in the world, the Nubia Pad 3D, a product which debuted at the 2023 Mobile World Congress (MWC). The device combines the ease of use of a tablet with live streaming capabilities and 3D games, which enables users to create and share content without straining their eyesight, and is the most advanced tablet model currently available.

"Amidst the global situation of declining smartphone sales, 5G smartphones remain popular with a trend for further growth. This is also evident for mobile games. A market survey by Research and Market forecasts the game market in Southeast Asia to grow at an annual average (CAGR) of 8.5%. Last year, there were over 250 million mobile online gamers in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines, which are the 6 key markets in Southeast Asia. Such numbers stem from investments in rolling out 5G networks and increasing internet speeds, which have been crucial factors to unlock massive growth. The growing popularity of esports has also stimulated markets in this region. ZTE targets a 3% share of the Southeast Asian smartphone market, or 100% growth over the next 3 years," said Mr. Justin Li.

Mr. Shawn Pei, Country Manager of ZTE Device Thailand, revealed that ZTE Device Thailand operates under the vision "To enable connectivity and trust everywhere," as part of a mission to connect the world with ongoing innovation for a better future. Thailand is a market which ZTE regards as having great potential for smartphones, which have become essential for lifestyles. Consumer behaviors in Thailand have been changing with increasing smartphone use in everyday life, both for more financial transactions and online shopping on e-Commerce platforms. In particular, high-quality and affordable 5G smartphones are in great demand, while the entry-level segment is also experiencing greater interest, in the context of a search for greater quality products. ZTE's target for smartphone sales is a market share of 1% this year, and increase to 1.5% by 2024 and 3% by 2025.

"The marketing plan for ZTE smartphones in Thailand is focussed on a product strategy under the company's smartphone brands --ZTE, Blade, Nubia, and Redmagic as well as other products in ZTE's ecosystem. We present a diverse range of quality products, catering to a diverse set of customer segments, while building the brand for more awareness through marketing and public relations media both online and offline, to expand the customer base and strengthen marketing efforts. ZTE gives priority to both online and offline distribution, both through E-commerce and partner storefronts, alongside our two main distributors -VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and VA Sales and Services Co., Ltd., part of Benchachinda Group. This year, ZTE has appointed a number of retail outlets as Master Dealers. The company has signed strategic MOUs with an additional 16 Master Dealers, to ensure that ZTE products are distributed nationwide to better cover the market," said the Country Manager of ZTE Device Thailand.

ZTE has introduced its new smartphones and tablets as follows:

  1. ZTE Blade A31 Plus 2023 in color cadet blue dim gray, with 6-inch display, autofocus camera, Octa-core chipset and CPU, memory combo flash of 2+32GB and priced at 1,999 baht.
  2. ZTE Blade A33s 6.3-inch Waterdrop display, battery capacity of 4000mAh. 1.6GHz Octa-core CPU, face scan unlock, 8MP rear camera , 5MP front camera , memory flash of 4+32GB and priced at 2,299 baht
  3. ZTE Blade A53 Pro Duo rear camera with 13MP+2MP resolution, 5MP front camera, 6.52-inch HD+ Waterdrop display, battery capacity 5000mAh, Octa-core 1.6 GHz CPU with fingerprint unlock, memory flash 8+64GB and priced at 2,699 baht.
  4. Nubia PAD 3D Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 CPU, 12.4-inch display, AI system scans for eye movement, changes ordinary content into 3D in real-time, battery 9700mAh (Typical), 33W charger, USB Type-C 3.1, Android 12 OS, memory 12+256GB, priced at 46,900 baht
  5. nubia Neo 5G A new experience for gamers supporting 5G which will be opened for pre orders starting in June 2023

ZTE Blade A31 Plus 2023 and ZTE Blade A33s are ready for sales from 25 May, 2023 through nationwide ZTE retailers and online channels including Lazada and Shopee. ZTE Blade A53 Pro and nubia Neo 5G will be ready for pre-ordering through online channels in June 2023. Nubia PAD 3D will be on sale through AIS Stores and the AIS Online Store with a special offer from AIS.

For more information about ZTE smartphones in Thailand: https://www.facebook.com/ztedevicethailand

Source: Absolute PR

ZTE showcases ZTE smartphones and cutting-edge flagship tablet, Nubia PAD 3D, transforming the 3D digital experience with AI technology to penetrate the Thai market