Spotify celebrates Thai Indie with a relaunch of its flagship Indie playlist, now called "อินดี้ศาสตร์" Indieology hits Thailand

Friday 26 May 2023 16:58
Spotify also launches two more playlists, อินดี้มานาน (Indie Long Time) and อินดี้ เทสดี (Indie Tasty), elevating the listening and discovery experience for fans, and supporting emerging Indie artistsThe audio platform saw a growth in Indie listenership of more than 70% in the past year.It's no secret that Thai Indie is stealing the hearts, minds and ears of listeners. Its unique identity of sound and lyrics continue to shape an independent culture of creative-spirited artists. Today, Spotify elevates the local indie listening experience with a relaunch of its flagship playlist, now known as อินดี้ศาสตร์ (Indieology). The leading audio platform also expands its Indie ecosystem with brand-new playlists, อินดี้มานาน (Indie Long Time) and อินดี้ เทสดี (Indie Tasty).
Spotify celebrates Thai Indie with a relaunch of its flagship Indie playlist, now called อินดี้ศาสตร์ Indieology hits Thailand

With อินดี้ศาสตร์ (Indieology), listeners can look forward to the latest beats. Indie pop duo, Dept, who graces this month's Spotify playlist cover, will also see their track ถ้ารู้ว่าจะหายไป be featured. "อินดี้ศาสตร์ (Indieology) has not only created a space for people to discover who we are as artists, but also enable us to connect with fans from all over the world. We're thankful to Spotify for playing a significant role in expanding the reach of the indie music industry like never before.", Dept expressed.

With a 70% growth of Indie listenership on Spotify last year, it reflects how listeners are turning to the audio platform for their Indie fix. "We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Thailand's talented independent artists," said Piyoros Luckcam, Spotify's Senior Music Editor Thailand. "As the indie scene expands and evolves, it is important to showcase their exceptional music and craftsmanship, enabling more people to fall in love with their unique sounds."

Spotify's อินดี้ เทสดี (Indie Tasty) spotlights groundbreaking artists, just waiting to be discovered. Featured Indie-Pop soloist, PAKBUNG shared her excitement, "With my track สัญญา (can I?) spotlighted, I hope that it empowers people to confess their love to their special person." She added, "What's mind-blowing is when I see people from other countries jamming to my tunes on Spotify. It's a boost of motivation, a reminder that my music has an impact."

Listeners will also enamoured by the captivating melodies from อินดี้มานาน (Indie Long Time), a playlist of timeless earworms that celebrates the genre's underground roots. Safeplanet, a well-loved and featured artist on อินดี้มานาน (Indie Long Time) said, "It's heartening to see traction on Spotify, even with our older tracks. Spotify's playlisting not only enables our loyal fans and new listeners to immerse in our craft, but also ignites our creative fire to keep producing music."

Spotify's Lyrics and Playlist Stories also provide Indie fans with a richer audio experience, enabling a deeper connection with the artists. These features bring the songs to life, reflecting musings, personal journeys, experiences from love to heartbreak. Start your Indie journey on Spotify today.

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Spotify celebrates Thai Indie with a relaunch of its flagship Indie playlist, now called อินดี้ศาสตร์ Indieology hits Thailand