dwp x Chatrium x Beyond Living Arrange the craft workshop focusing on bringing the waste materials back to life

Friday 02 June 2023 14:05
dwp x Chatrium x Beyond Living Arrange the craft workshop focusing on bringing the waste materials back to life. Create a new idea for further development in the world of sustainable design.
dwp x Chatrium x Beyond Living Arrange the craft workshop focusing on bringing the waste materials back to life

dwp I Design Worldwide Partnership, a global architecture and design company together with Chatrium Grand Bangkok Hotel and Beyond Living, handwoven textiles and soft furnishings of extraordinary design company are inviting the media and honored guests to participate in the Summer Craft Workshop, a unique workshop that values the craftsmanship created from wasted materials. Under the concept of "The Design for a sustainable world"

The Summer Craft Workshop was hold at Chatrium Grand, a luxury hotel in the center of Bangkok "The hotel is located in the heart of the city with the convenience access to the main transportation and shopping malls. There are 562 rooms, two buildings, and 32 floors. The A Building is the hotel's common area with full facilities, restaurants, Grand Ballroom, meeting rooms, a large swimming pool, and a pool bar. This building is designed to offer the best open view of the city. Allowing guests to enjoy the vibrant cityscape of Bangkok while staying at Chatrium Grand" said Mr. Rene Balmer, Group General Manager | Chatrium Hotels and Residences

"Building B is a combination of business and luxury. There are rental offices and residential suites on the ground floor. On the upper floor, there are penthouses and executive lounges. There are additional facilities on the 5th and 7th floors including, a gym, children's playground, spas, meeting room, and a full-prep room. Each building is designed for visitors to enjoy the open cityscape view with a unique structure designed by the professional interior design team" Mr. Rene added.

Ms. Kanidtha Pattanapanitchakul, Design Director from dwp I Design Worldwide Partnership, told us about the concept of this project "dwp's design team is working under the concept of Thai splendid for Chatruim Grand Bangkok. The design is focusing on combining Thai culture and modern architectural styles by bringing the shade of gold to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in the lobby area. The handmade wall art represents the welcome of guests in Thai style along with the building structure design which is environment friendly.

We are also concerned about the environment so we choose our materials considerably. Marble is the main material used for the floor to help add warmth and a comfortable atmosphere with a sense of luxury. The dining area under the concept of Bangkok Fusion is also designed to give warmth and a comfortable experience along with the lobby area." 

"A Thai fabric pattern from Jim Thomson is another special feature we added to the decoration. We wanted to combine Thai modern architecture with traditional Thai crafts by using technology to make this project stand out and be sustainable. Guests will fully immerse themselves in the authentic cultural experience," said Ms.Kanidtha

Ms. Ploenchan Vinyaratn, a famous textile designer and the owner of Beyond Living Co., Ltd., told us about the inspiration for this project "The interior design team wanted to create a Thai contemporary style that suites the modern concept of the hotel so as I explored the hotel and the surrounding area. I realize that the hotel is located right next to Saen Saeb canal, the center of water transportation of Bangkok. In the evening, the reflection of the sunlight on the water gives a golden sparkling look. After the night sky appears, the golden sparkling is replaced by colorful neon lights from pubs and houses along the canal, which is stunning and inspiring.

Together with the story of the textile from the Jim Thompson House comes the idea of bringing silk weaving techniques to create works of art. All materials used in this project will be pieces of cloth, cotton threads, silk threads, or colorful gold threads that are left over from sewing in the big orders. This way we can use our creativity to reuse and add value to the leftover textile and create a masterpiece for this project"

"What we input in this project is that we want to raise awareness of reusing and reducing waste. It is one of our work standpoints that have always emphasized the Zero Waste principle. For those of you who are interested in textiles or other types of handicrafts, we also wanted to ask you to care for our environment by reusing or recycling waste materials into a unique piece of art. This way we can help reduce the burden on the world" Ms. Ploenchan concluded.

Source: PLA Communication