Phothalai Bangkok makes waves in the wedding industry with "PHOTHALAI WEDDING FAIR 2023"

Friday 09 June 2023 15:43
Phothalai Bangkok makes waves in the wedding industry with "PHOTHALAI WEDDING FAIR 2023", while investing 50 million baht in its newly renovated five-star reception zone
Phothalai Bangkok makes waves in the wedding industry with PHOTHALAI WEDDING FAIR 2023

Phothalai Bangkok is ready to present extraordinary experiences at the Phothalai Wedding Fair 2023. Together with a diverse range of venue offers, its seasoned team of professionals is primed to provide guidance and make any wedding dream come true at the Basilica banquet hall.

Maneenat Tavisaengsiri, the second-generation CEO of Phothalai Bangkok, shared, "Based on the marriage registration statistics from The Bureau of Registration Administration (BORA), we have observed a significant increase in the number of registered marriages — 305,487 partners, to be exact — in the past year, which indicates a growth rate of approximately 21%. This has positively impacted wedding-related businesses, aligning with the surging value of the market, which is evaluated at 30 billion baht a year. The Phothalai Wedding Fair 2023 allows us a great opportunity to exhibit all the potentials of our latest state-of-the-art event space. Over 50 million baht has been invested in renovating the eight-rai Brasilica zone, unlocking boundless creative possibilities of the venue and creating a distinctive expanse that surpasses our competitors. In this year's marketing strategy, we will emphasize on positioning Phothalai Bangkok as a one-stop service for wedding events with all-inclusive facilities. In the past, we have received favorable feedback and achieved impressive booking figures while implementing exclusive promotions and reaching out to new client segments that may be seeking unique experiences and customizable reception spaces. Our ultimate goal this year is to be amongst the top three wedding venues in Bangkok."

Phothalai Bangkok's Post-COVID-19 Perspective on the Wedding Market
"When discussing the trends in the modern wedding planning world, especially post-COVID-19, it is quite evident that more and more of our clients prefer hosting quick and intimate functions in the morning or during noon. There is also a growing inclination towards opting for non-hotel venues, which makes Phothalai Bangkok perfect. A good number of couples now also prioritize food, whether it be the quality, presentation, or flavor, allowing their guests to truly indulge in a well-rounded experience. That being said, every dish at Phothalai Bangkok is meticulously crafted using fine ingredients and prepared by seasoned chefs. Moreover, post-COVID-19 lovebirds place great importance on selecting venues with beautiful decor. We are confident that Phothalai Bangkok caters to all modern-day expectations," Maneenat Tavisaengsiri adds.

The "PHOTHALAI WEDDING FAIR 2023" event is the very first introduction of the newly renovated space. The venue features a banquet ballroom specifically designed for weddings as well as other special celebrations, with a comprehensive collection of customizable services available. Expect a more elegant panorama, the Basilica banquet hall that can accommodate up to 1,000 guests, and an outdoor garden area that comes with a picturesque photo spot inspired by the Spanish Steps. The venue also offers dedicated rooms for engagement ceremonies and VIP receptions, along with extensive parking spaces for over 800 vehicles. As for the highlight, the bride and groom can ring the wedding bells themselves. The PHOTHALAI WEDDING FAIR 2023 will be joined by experienced organizers who will be ready to provide their expert advice on catering, venue decoration, entertainment, and even wedding attires — all in one place.

For the grandest specialty event of the year, Phothalai Wedding Fair 2023 will bring to life the ethereal atmosphere of weddings through the concept "Ring the Bells". The fair will serve every wedding style with an all-embracing array of professional services. Couples are presented the opportunity to participate in the event and enjoy various exclusive privileges and deals from leading partners such as Milan Bridal Couture & Wedding Studio, Piteereetong, Fotomixes, Yang Ying Yao photo booth, Diamond & Co., Manita Wedding, and Vas Wedding Planner throughout June 8 - 11, 2023, from 10 AM to 8 PM at Basilica banquet hall, Phothalai Bangkok.

Source: Pimplus