Spotify and NewJeans celebrate new EP by bringing listeners into the world of NewJeans

Wednesday 02 August 2023 14:17
In celebration of the highly anticipated release of NewJeans' sophomore EP, Get Up, Spotify has teamed up with the rookie powerhouse to bring the world of NewJeans to listeners across the globe.

Since NewJeans' explosive debut in July last year, the quintet, made up of MINJI, HANNI, DANIELLE, HAERIN and HYEIN, has been making waves with their music and winning Bunnies over. Today, the girls have over 24 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and are once again proving that they are a force to be reckoned with. Since the release of Get Up on July 21, the EP, which features 6 tracks, has garnered over 211 million Spotify streams.

To fuel the excitement around the release, Spotify is bringing listeners a range of exciting initiatives that were co-created with the group. From the Bunnyland microsite to bonus content, Spotify is letting fans in to discover more to NewJeans and their music.


One of the highlights of the campaign is the Bunnyland microsite, an immersive digital experience that lets Spotify users around the world discover which member is their NewJeans hero based on their music tastes. After being matched to either MINJI, HANNI, DANIELLE, HAERIN or HYEIN, the experience also lets users share their results on social media and listen to a Spotify playlist curated by their hero.

For fans curious about what else NewJeans is listening to, the rest of the members' curated playlists are also available under the Bunnyland Official profile on Spotify.

For more of NewJeans, Spotify is rolling out bonus content to let fans discover more about the group and their new music. Watch an interview with the quintet as they build their dream Bunnyland, access exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and join them as they unwind and whip up scrumptious Spoti-pies on Spotify's K-Pop ON! Youtube and video podcast channels.

"We're thrilled to partner with Spotify to present our fans with a diverse range of experiences that bring our group's unique colors to life. We've prepared an exciting campaign to connect with listeners worldwide, and we look forward to sharing these moments with our dedicated Bunnies and new fans." - NewJeans


Spotify's ongoing support for NewJeans has played an instrumental role in their meteoric rise. As a platform that stays ahead of music and cultural trends, Spotify not only recognizes emerging talent but also provides them with opportunities to connect with its borderless global audience on a deeper level.

Its efforts to fuel the export of NewJeans' music have included spotlighting the group on Spotify's flagship global genre playlist, K-Pop ON!, which has over 5 million followers to date. Additionally, Spotify treated fans to exclusive content to celebrate the release of their first comeback single album, OMG. In January 2023, NewJeans was named Spotify's EQUAL Ambassador. As they headlined EQUAL, a gender equity program dedicated to amplifying women creators, their music received exposure on the EQUAL Global playlist throughout the month.

Source: Hill & Knowlton