Absolute Hotel Services and Artotel Group Indonesia Sign Strategic Alliance to Fuel Market Expansion

Wednesday 06 September 2023 11:06
Absolute Hotel Services, a leading hospitality management and branding company in Asia, is proud to announce the establishment of a significant strategic alliance with Artotel Group, a leading Indonesia-based hospitality management company with a creative lifestyle and community at its core, aimed at ushering in a new era of collaborative growth and expansion. This landmark agreement will see the merging of strengths between the two industry leaders, with a shared vision to venture into fresh markets and destinations. The alliance will amplify their respective brand reach and foster an exchange of expertise and innovation
Absolute Hotel Services and Artotel Group Indonesia Sign Strategic Alliance to Fuel Market Expansion

Mr. Erastus Radjimin, the Founder & CEO of Artotel Group (4th from left), with Mr. Karan Kaul, Deputy CEO & Head of Business Development at Absolute Hotel Services (3rd from right) and Mr. Victor Wong, Strategic Advisor of International Markets (2nd  from right)

Under this groundbreaking partnership, Absolute Hotel Services is set to introduce its acclaimed U Hotels & Resorts, Eastin Hotels, and Eastin Grand Hotels brands to multiple destinations across Indonesia, an effort that perfectly complements the existing array of properties currently thriving in Bali. Simultaneously, ARTOTEL Group, renowned for its distinctive ARTOTEL brand, will extend its international presence by introducing OTELART properties, ARTOTEL's signature global identity, making its debut in Thailand and Laos. These properties, operating under the licensure of Absolute Hotel Services, are poised to redefine hospitality in these markets.

According to Jonathan Wigley, the Founder & CEO of Absolute Hotel Services, "This collaboration is a testament to the synergy between complementary brands, operating in complementary markets, sharing a parallel DNA and company culture. Together, we are poised to create unparalleled guest experiences that seamlessly blend innovation, culture and luxury."

Erastus Radjimin, the Founder & CEO of ARTOTEL Group, echoed his excitement for this expansion beyond Indonesia's borders, stating, "This marks an exhilarating chapter in ARTOTEL's journey. We are thrilled to embark on this path alongside Absolute Hotel Services, leveraging our shared spirit, identity, and dedication to redefining hospitality. With two formidable partners hailing from vital Asian markets, we are primed to make a lasting impact."

The alliance will foster collaboration between the teams of Absolute Hotel Services and ARTOTEL Group, jointly engaging with developers to identify and seize market opportunities that align with their brands. The collective efforts of these powerhouses are poised to introduce fresh and transformative concepts to the hospitality landscape, enriching guest experiences and cultivating sustainable growth.

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