Sunkist Pistachio Milk Hosted a Memorable "Lovely PP Moment with PP-Krit" Event Showcasing Creativity and Entertaining Event

Thursday 07 September 2023 17:21
Sunkist, a renowned global pistachios and pistachio milk brand under the Heritage Group, proudly hosted the 'LOVELY PP MOMENT WITH SUNKIST' event at the semi-outdoor setting of Samyan Mitrtown. The spotlight shone on activities such as a glass painting workshop, inviting attendees to embrace and showcase their artistic talents. Spearheading the event was Vasatorn Phonphaisan (3rd from left) from Heritage Group management, joined by PP-Krit Amnuaydechkorn (center), Sunkist Pistachio Milk official brand presenter. Together, they led the Lovely PP team and distinguished guests through a series of unforgettable moments. The atmosphere was electric, with participants enthusiastically demonstrating their skills. Many were captivated by the unique taste of the special drink menu "Sunkist Sky with Thai Tea Jelly", that was specially created only for this event while others indulged in the creative exercises.  As a highlight, Fanclub who won the seats to attend this event also got to join the glass painting workshop and capture a treasured moment with a photo session alongside PP Krit, adding a personal touch to an already memorable event.

Source: Conjunction Group