CP Foods Partners with CAC to Develop SMEs for Tackling Corruption

Friday 08 September 2023 16:26
Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) has partnered with the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC) to extend the CAC SME Certification program for three consecutive years. The aim is to equip its small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to participate in tackling corruption through collective action.

Prommeth Benjarongkij, CAC Director, stated that current trade and investment are expanding without borders, and heightened competition tends to increase corruption. CP Food, as a leading organization, emphasizes fair and transparent business operations and encourages its suppliers and to understand and formulate appropriate internal control policies and measures. This is another mechanism that will assist in dealing effectively with corruption issues and positively impact the country's competitiveness. The efforts aim to prevent the risk of legal violations, including serious bribery entire the supply chain.

Thidarat Dechayonbancha, Head of Procurement at CP Foods, noted that the company has been in partnership with CAC for three consecutive years, organizing anti-corruption training sessions for its SME suppliers. This initiative has benefitted over 6,000 SMEs by enhancing their operational efficiency and guiding them to adopt measures ensuring transparent business operations aligned with international standards. The primary objective of this initiative is to encourage SMEs to foster a corporate culture that staunchly opposes bribery and corruption and to publicly commit to anti-corruption endeavors within their organizations. CP Foods offers advice to business partners on the implementation of effective measures and best practices to mitigate a myriad of risks. Such counsel could potentially lead to certification within the CAC project, enhancing the competitiveness of these business partners and bolstering customer trust. Such collaborative efforts are poised to unlock new trade opportunities and guarantee sustainable business growth.

"At the forefront of combating corruption among SME partners, we exemplify our unwavering commitment to conducting business with fairness, honesty, and transparency. We firmly believe that this stance will be a driving force behind sustainable business growth," said Thidarat. 

CP Foods prioritizes fostering a transparent business network with its partners, with a particular emphasis on SME partners. The aim is to bolster confidence among suppliers regarding ethical business standards, transparency, and collaborative efforts to address corruption challenges. This year, 40 SME partners have declared their commitment as anti-corruption allies. CP Foods provides counsel and guidance to ensure business partners are primed for certification as CAC member organizations, paving the way for sustainable business operations in the long run.

Source: Charoen Pokphand Foods