Indian Superstar Akshay Kumar Breaks Records As Well As Stigma In OMG 2; Film Tackles Taboo around Sex Education in India

Thursday 14 September 2023 08:13
Akshay Kumar, one of the most prominent superstars in India, has embarked on an awe-inspiring journey within the Indian film industry by captivating audiences with his recent movie - Oh My God 2, produced by Wakaao Films and a successful sequel to the 2013 hit, which has already amassed over 20 million dollars globally. 

Akshay Kumar who is known for his impressive track record of delivering a series of hits over the years, has used his fame and success to make social cause driven films relevant. His previous films like 'Toilet: Ek Prem Katha' dealt with open defecation, followed by 'Padman' that spoke about menstrual hygiene. The actor - often referred by Indians as a 'Superstar with a Heart' is also known for his action movies where he often pulls off daredevil stunts like Tom Cruise. His blockbuster successes have surpassed the billion-dollar milestone, over the years, a remarkable achievement within the Indian film industry. The superstar, through his film projects and social causes, employs over 10,000 people annually. 

Akshay Kumar's powerful performance has once again taken centre stage in the recently released OMG 2. The film has garnered commercial and critical acclaim across viewers and critics. With this movie, Akshay Kumar has reaffirmed his exceptional talent by boldly challenging the unconventional norms on sex education, a pressing need in today's India. Considered by many as one of his finest performances to date, Akshay Kumar's depiction as the messenger of Lord Shiva has left an enduring impression. However, the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and certain segments of the country deemed the film suitable exclusively for viewers aged 18+ and thus, the film has received an A+ certificate. People in India, including students, are sharing their thoughts against CBFC's decision, on social media. They're even engaging with the Information and Broadcasting Ministry on Twitter, which is unusual in a country like India. A large section in the audience believes that this rating limits the movie's accessibility despite its positive impact. 

As per a 2007 report, 85% of young Indians lack access to sex education. The report has further unveiled that sex education has been prohibited in five states across India. Even conservative nations allowed for a release with a 12+ rating for the film. India being the land of Kamasutra, and known for Khajuraho, sex is still a taboo topic that is not discussed openly.

Despite all these challenges, Akshay Kumar fearlessly addresses the issue of sex education in the country with utmost responsibility. As his films continue to inspire and uplift, Akshay Kumar and the film OMG 2 continue to stand as a testament in shaping a better future for India's youth.


Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest