Shopee highlights "the best of the year, the best of shopping" help Thai shoppers to save more than 12 billion baht during 9.9 campaign

Thursday 14 September 2023 09:08
Shopee, a leading ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, celebrates the overwhelming success of Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. With Shopee's powerful ecosystem, this year's 9.9 is elevated to deliver the superior shopping experience and entertainment, and enable brands and sellers to efficiently grow. This indicates a positive sign for the year-end shopping season. During 9.9 campaign, Shopee helps Thai shoppers to save more than 12 billion baht
Shopee highlights the best of the year, the best of shopping help Thai shoppers to save more than 12 billion baht during 9.9 campaign

Suchaya Paleewong, Senior Marketing Manager at Shopee Thailand, said "This is the 8th consecutive 'Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day'. We are glad to continue delivering value to our community of shoppers and businesses through 9.9 and we are humbled by their support. This year, we focused on working closely with brands and sellers to bring even more deals and entertainment to shoppers. Especially on Shopee Live, saw 36 times uplift in average daily orders via Shopee Live during 9.9 campaign compared to average day. We look forward to bringing users even more exciting campaigns in the months to come.

Proof of success for 'the best of the year, the best of shopping' from Thailand's Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day

Thai shoppers responded positively to the year-end shopping season kick-off. Interesting findings are:

  • 9.9 Shopping Trends: Home & Living, Beauty & Personal Care and Mobile & Gadget are popular categories during 9.9 campaign and Shopee Affiliate Programme and saw that Laundry Supplies & Cleaning Equipments, Skin care and Plus Size Clothes are popular products during 9.9 campaign
    • Top shopper shops with highest item sold during 9.9 campaign around 8,000 items sold during 9.9 campaign
    • Bubble Tea , Fried Chicken, and Thai Tea are the top three most popular for Thais on ShopeeFood on 9 September 2023 and Amazon, KFC and McDonald's are the most popular brands on 9.9 campaign
    • Support users, brands and sellers in earnest to grow sustainably: Shopee continues to expand and strengthen our support for all our partners by connecting them to more users and opportunities, while also providing greater value to shoppers
    • Local sellers
      • One local seller achieved more than 80 times uplift by order during 9.9 campaign compared to average day
      • Jasmine Rice, Herbal products and Local dessert are the most popular items from OTOP Amazing Gift Festival
    • Shopee Mall: official stores of leading brands are able to attract shoppers with exclusive deals from P&G, Unilever, Orsen & Eloop Thailand being the most popular.
    • Shopee Affiliate Programme: Shopee gave sellers an extra boost this 9.9 through our Shopee Affiliates, Shopee saw than 3 times uplift in sales via Shopee Affiliate during 9.9 campaign vs average day
  • Greatest entertainment on Shopee: Offering the superior entertainment programs during 9.9, users are delighted by bigger fun, prizes and enjoyment via highlighted Shopee features:
    • There were 94 million views on Shopee Live during the 9.9 campaign
    • After revealing its latest Brand Ambassador 'Engfa Waraha', overwhelming number of fans joined #อิงฟ้าเอวS with more than 4.3 million posts on social media

"To kick start the year-end shopping season, Shopee has prepared many exciting activities, and deals. We are confident that this will unlock the new potential to grow for sellers, and deliver fun and enjoyment to our users with great deals and best entertainment," Suchaya concluded.

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Source: Shopee (Thailand)

Shopee highlights the best of the year, the best of shopping help Thai shoppers to save more than 12 billion baht during 9.9 campaign