StarCharge to booth in Japan N+ Sustainability Show with Full Lineup of Charging Solutions

Thursday 14 September 2023 11:55
StarCharge, a global pioneer in sustainable energy solutions, is excited to announce its participation in this year's N+ Exhibition in Japan, booth number N-08. StarCharge's participation reaffirms its dedication to the evolution of the energy landscape through innovative and sustainable technology.

The N+ Exhibition, globally recognizes for showcasing the cutting edge of renewable energy technology and solutions, provides the perfect platform for StarCharge to share the significant potential of its wide range of charger and energy products and technologies.

At the exhibition booth, StarCharge will present its full lineup of products, including AC chargers, DC chargers, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) chargers, and energy management and cloud services. There will be opportunities to directly inspect these solutions, understand their functionality, and imagine their potential in various application scenarios.

StarCharge's Chief Officer said, "StarCharge's technologies are designed to revolutionize how we use energy. From daily electric vehicle owners to businesses looking to transition their energy usage to a more sustainable model, our solutions are designed for everyone."

In addition to product presentations, StarCharge's booth will also host expert-led talks and interactive sessions to further enlighten attendees about the potential of sustainable energy. Visitors are encouraged to join these discussions, contribute ideas, and share their own experiences.

Through its presence at the N+ Exhibition, StarCharge continues to strengthen its position as a leader in green energy solutions, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. We invite everyone to visit our booth to discover how we can collectively evolve towards a future powered by renewable, efficient energy.

About StarCharge:

StarCharge is a world-leading provider of charging solutions and energy management systems, dedicated to driving the transition to sustainable energy. With a diverse range of innovative, high-quality products, StarCharge is pushing boundaries and evolving the energy landscape for a greener future.

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