Beyond Borders: Globevisa's Innovative Local Partnerships Is Reshaping The Global Immigration Landscape

Monday 18 September 2023 13:00
With presence in 96 countries, the global immigration advisory leader has a unique partnership structure that marries local insights with global excellence A collaborative approach leverages local network for an understanding of diverse markets and on-ground support for clientele De-centralised committees and local leaders align the firm's mission with the regional operations to make the immigration process seamlessGlobevisa, the world's largest RCBI firm, is championing the immigration landscape through its innovative partnership structure. Rooted in a vision of facilitating seamless global mobility and settlement, the firm has gained recognition for its expansive presence spanning across 96 countries and regions.

With its headquarters situated in Singapore, Globevisa stands out for its extensive network of 37 offices worldwide. Employing a team of over 800 dedicated professionals, the firm has established itself as a key participant in various immigration programs, witnessing notable application volume.

"Globevisa is a gateway to the world for those who seek the opportunity to move away from their roots to make a new life for themselves. Everyone working in our team has a shared commitment to make immigration less intimidating for our clients," shared Henry Fan, Co-Founder and CEO of Globevisa, reflecting on their commitment to enabling diverse migration opportunities.

Globevisa's distinctive partnership structure takes a synergistic decentralised approach. Local partners focus on consulting and client management, while regional heads shape policies to take domestic nuances into account. In tandem, the headquarters take charge of integral committees, including legal services, to guide pivotal decisions.

The model has evolved organically in response to market dynamics, enabling Globevisa to expand its global footprint while maintaining cultural relevance and operational efficiency.

Ivan Yam, a local Globevisa partner for Hong Kong and Vietnam highlights: "What makes us stand apart, is the intricate way in which we intertwine local expertise. I come from an investment banking background, similarly we have partners with legal and management expertise. Together we have built a robust international expertise to provide tailored solutions for every client."

With unparalleled access to Globevisa's vast network, legal services and operational proficiency, the partners have the opportunity to enhance their aptitude and enhance their consulting skill sets.

Till date Globevisa has facilitated 300+ tailored immigration consultancies, fueled by 70% client referrals. Globevisa boasts 20% annual growth (2020-2022) and US$41M turnover by 2022.

Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest