"KTC" is Equipped to Protect Members from Online Fraudsters with 6 Must-Know Tips Before Making a Transaction

Wednesday 27 September 2023 16:15
KTC reinforces its position on prioritizing the safety of its members by developing a fraud prevention system and continuously monitoring transactions with an instant notification mechanism to protect against online fraudsters. KTC also recommends 6 things you must know before making transactions.
KTC is Equipped to Protect Members from Online Fraudsters with 6 Must-Know Tips Before Making a Transaction

Mr. Rywin Voravongsatit, Head of Operations Control & Merchant Service, "KTC" or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited stated that the scammers now constantly change their methods. This includes tricks to transfer money or impersonate the victim on bank applications. Users can become victim without even realizing it as financial technology has now been developed for the convenience, timeliness, and ease of transactions for consumers.

"The scammers come in various forms. They create stories to trigger fear, for example, claiming that illegal items are found in your possession and stuck in customs. If you are skeptical of that claim, don't fall for it. Another example is a money transfer through the application which a one-time password (OTP) is required. If we carelessly give the code away, scammers will be able to use it." Mr. Rywin stated.

KTC, as a credit card service provider that operates with social responsibility, has consistently studied and developed an effective fraud prevention management system, taking into account customer data security is our priority. KTC also has a team to monitor and take immediate actions when unusual transactions are detected to prevent fraudsters effectively and efficiently. The company recommends 6 tips for online fraud prevention as follows.

  1. Be mindful and do not fall for the information that scammers report.
  2. Do not click on any links sent from an unknown source.
  3. Make sure you set different passwords for different financial applications. Do not reuse your password to prevent it from being easily guessed and used with bad intentions.
  4. Do not disclose your password or OTP. Make sure to read the OTP message clearly every time you receive it. This includes verifying the correct merchant name and the product details before filling in any information on your online purchase.
  5. If you suspect that you are about to be phished for information, call or contact the agency that was referred immediately.
  6. Download an application that supports the feature of identifying unknown numbers, such as Whoscall, to protect against scammers.

For any inquiries, please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 or visit https://www.ktc.co.th for more details. To apply for a credit card, click the link: https://ktc.today/apply-card or visit any "KTC TOUCH" branches nationwide.

Source: Krungthai Card