Digital Canvas Unleashed: 0010X0010 and Samsung Redefine Art

Wednesday 08 November 2023 09:07
"Algorithmic Organisms," a visionary exhibition by the Dutch/American A/V artist, 0010X0010, in collaboration with Samsung. This extraordinary showcase redefines artistry, utilizing Samsung's The wall screens as an innovative canvas while partnering with high-end audiophile brand Avantgarde Acoustic.
Digital Canvas Unleashed: 0010X0010 and Samsung Redefine Art

The grand opening of "Algorithmic Organisms," a groundbreaking collaboration between Dutch American A/V artist 0010X0010 and Samsung, has marked the beginning of a revolutionary artistic journey. Held at the prestigious MOCA Bangkok Museum, this extraordinary exhibition runs from October to December 2023.

A New Canvas: Samsung Screens Redefined

0010X0010 redefines art with Samsung " The Wall" as the canvas for this visual symphony. Each art piece is meticulously crafted, marrying the artist's creative genius with cutting-edge technology to deliver an exceptional and high-end experience.

Unprecedented Soundscapes: Acoustic Avantgarde

To complete this multisensory extravaganza, the exhibition features high-end audiophile speakers from Germany's Acoustic Avantgarde. The fusion of extraordinary visuals with unparalleled sound quality ensures that "Algorithmic Organisms" is not just an exhibition; it's an immersive masterpiece.

Your Invitation to Exceptional Art

For the first time ever, experience an exhibition that transcends boundaries and embraces the future of art. "Algorithmic Organisms" is a one-of-a-kind showcase, a testament to artistry and innovation.

Curated by Xumiiro

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