Prudential Thailand Ignites Business with ESG Through the Purpose "For Every Life…For Every Future"

Thursday 16 November 2023 11:22
Building the Organization of Sustainable Giving for the Society
Prudential Thailand Ignites Business with ESG Through the Purpose For Every LifeFor Every Future

Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited or Prudential Thailand emphasizes conducting business responsibly for customers, employees, communities, and society, as the heart of strategic planning and business operations. Therefore, Prudential Thailand has set up a framework for ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) operations to be put into practice in every business segment with the concept of "Igniting Business with ESG ", which aims to create positive influences in Thai society through various projects that support education, health or the environment. Most recently Prudential has launched a campaign "Give The Future" from organizations to society. In this campaign, every new policy will provide free 1-year personal accident coverage to BMA's outdoor staff as well as government hospital staffs, over 70,000 coverages with more than total sum insured of THB 7 Billion.

Mr. Bundit (Kenny) Jiamanukoonkit Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Thailand said, "Many organizations are now aware of conducting business responsibly towards the environment, society, and governance, which are important parts for sustainable development. Prudential Thailand and the Prudential Group has created several projects in line with global changing trends, such as the aging society, risks, and impacts of climate change (Climate Change), as well as issues of the inequality in society and Social Division. We provide support on such issues and published the progress through the annual sustainability report with the direction and trend of importance in sustainability occurring both in Thailand and the world society.

"One of the interesting facts is that Thailand has approximately 38-39% of policy holders out of the total population in Thailand. It is considered that more than half of Thai people do not have any protection in their lives. As our commitment is to make insurance easy and accessible to everyone, we have, therefore, launched a campaign "Give The Future" by encouraging people especially the outdoor staff of the BMA and government hospitals to get insurance protection in their lives. These employees are the people who maintain the quality of life for all of us, but they may not have access to insurance. Therefore, the accident insurance that we provide will help give this group of people the peace of mind and protection in case of unexpected events," said Mr. Bundit.

Prudential Group has established an ESG framework, which is divided into 3 pillars: 1. Accessible health and financial protection 2. Responsible investment and 3.Sustainable business. Therefore, Prudential Thailand leads the framework to create concrete actions by embedding in our business strategy and operations following by Prudential's purpose "For Every Life, For Every Future" in the 3 aspects of igniting business with ESG strategy which consist of:

  1. Make every day creating equal access to health and financial protectionthrough the collaboration and digital innovation for health outcomes and the development of sustainable products and services, such as response to aging population.  Prudential Thailand has engaged in all groups of people and designed products that meet their needs of financial planning and long-term savings.The company has provided knowledge to all groups of people and designed products that meet the needs of financial planning and long-term savings, making Prudential Thailand Top 3 leaders in annuity insurance for 5 years in a row.
  2. Make every day investing responsiblyby reducing carbon through portfolio lending, funding fair and inclusive business transitions and integrating responsible investing in emerging markets.
  3. Make every day growing business sustainablythrough supporting people in the organization to be aware of sustainability as well as creating standards for sustainability at the organization's leadership level, such as managing to have employee KPIs linked to ESG matters or ESG projects by2026 or working with stakeholders to co-create and set the direction for sustainable change in society.

Prudential Thailand places customers as the key to driving business. In everything we do, we are committed to creating access to various insurance plans that cover every aspect of life, whether it be life and health insurance, or financial planning and savings for Thai people, so that they can live life to the fullest and reach their goals. 

Source: CHOM PR

Prudential Thailand Ignites Business with ESG Through the Purpose For Every LifeFor Every Future