Obama's First Dog 'Bo' Reincarnated as an Avatar on Pet-exclusive Pet Media App, XOOX

Monday 20 November 2023 08:08
- Interests Grow for Reunion with Pets Across the Rainbow Bridge

A 3D video of a black dog, running joyfully across the grassy White House lawn, its luxurious fur flowing, has captured attention in New York Times Square.

This black dog, unveiled on November 11th, resembles 'Bo,' the beloved First Dog of the United States during the tenure of former President Barack Obama. With its sparkling black eyes, white socks-like front paws, and a sleek black fur coat, the dog resembles Bo. Despite its brief 15-second duration, the video conveys the earnest gaze of Bo, expressing a longing to reunite with its family through XOOX. This heartfelt expression is deeply moving for many who have lost their pets. There is particular interest in how the Obama family, who adored Bo, will react to this video.

The video was created on the pet-exclusive pet networking service (PNS) application XOOX, based on short-form content challenges. XOOX, which was launched on the 11th, is currently developing avatars of departed pets. Utilizing videos and photos captured during their lifetime, XOOX aims to create avatars closely resembling the pets. According to XOOX, this allows families to reunite with their departed pets, comforting those who miss their beloved companions. Kristen Kim, the PR manager at XOOX, stated, "With the consent of pet owners, we use data from registered pets to create avatars. The purpose of creating pet avatars is to convey emotions and healing through encounters that transcend time and space."

XOOX is an application operated through pet accounts, not human ones. XOOX provides a service function that analyzes the patterns around the eyelids and eyes of pets to register their Face Detection biometric ID and then verify their identification. XOOX has launched various specialized pet applications, including pet-exclusive music, urine diagnostic kits, and games, alongside its main application based on short-form content challenges. Additionally, they plan to release an application integrating pet DNA and MBTI, building on the launch of the pet urine diagnostic kit app developed in collaboration with Medi Cloud, a global genetic analysis company based on NGS technology.

Upon joining XOOX, 1 penny is automatically donated to the XOOX Foundation. The funds from the XOOX Foundation are allocated to campaigns advocating for global pet welfare law reforms.

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B64h6ovmf0Y

Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest