Transformative Artistry by Vietnamese Artist Tia-Thuy Nguyen: 'Flower of Life' Blooms at Chateau La Coste

Monday 20 November 2023 10:40
"Flower of Life" is an interactive installation by Tia-Thuy Nguyen. Realizing interest in the Law of Conservation of Energy, artist Tia-Thuy Nguyen wanted to develop her work "Flower of Life" around the 'reuse' of an object (here is a dead tree), giving it a new ability, a new life through the act of reconstructing that object. Through the eyes of artist Tia-Thuy Nguyen, the dead tree is the beginning of a new chapter. The energy in it is not lost, nor can its 'life' end.

She shaped the artwork based on the original structure of the dead, 18-meter-tall oak tree, and handcraft welded several stainless steel leaves on. This layer of metal was played as not only the structure but also as its shiny 'jewelry' layer. There are thousands of stainless-steel leaves hanging and "flowers" that are made from colorful, reflective quartz stones on the branches which create a sparkle effect as if playing with the sunlight.

The life and energy of the "Flower of Life" is not only in itself, but also in its connection with the world around. Light, in an inadvertent moment, was 'trapped' into Tia-Thuy Nguyen's game. The game is like a continuous loop, day after day, but the viewer can never see two completely identical scenes. With mischievousness and ingenious creativity, Tia is the connection between the natural light, the artwork and the viewer. She has created a show of nature. An 'engine' never ends, because it is powered by the cyclic energy of the universe.

Tia-Thuy Nguyen was born and raised in Hanoi. After graduating from the Vietnam University of Fine Arts (2006), she achieved her PhD. in Fine Arts at the National Academy of Fine Art and Architect, Kiev (2014). Tia-Thuy Nguyen has been practicing painting since 1999. Her artworks usually focus on the observation of her surroundings, and the colorful. Her artworks have been exhibited, auctioned and collected widely in Vietnam and Europe. In 2019, she was listed in 'Top 50 most influential women in Vietnam 2019' by Forbes Vietnam. "Flower of Life" is a clear example of her creativity, combining unique form with profound meaning about life and regeneration within material existence.

Tia-Thuy Nguyen exhibiting her artwork at Chateau La Coste for the third time demonstrates recognition and appreciation for her work and influence. Chateau La Coste is an art garden located in the Aix-en-Provence region of southern France. It is known for its unique combination of contemporary art, architecture, and wine culture. This place has sculptures and architecture by some top artists and architects of the world: French-American artist Louise Bourgeois, she is best known for her series Maman spider sculpture and installation; Damien Hirst, Alexander Carder, Ai Wei Wei, Tracy Emin... and architecture by Tadao Ando, Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers. This place is a unique combination of contemporary art, architecture and wine culture, located at Aix-en-Provence, South of France. It is an opportunity for viewers to explore and interact with the artist's work in a beautiful and unique artistic environment.

"Flower of Life" exhibition by artist Tia-Thuy Nguyen will open from 18th November 2023 to 30th January 2024, at Chateau La Coste, 2750 Route De La Cride, 13610 Le Puy-Sainte-Reparade, France.

Flower of Life
Dead oak tree, stainless steel
H1800cm x ?900cm
An interactive installation by Tia-Thuy Nguyen

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