SCB 10X and T-POP unveil 4EVE's first metaverse concert at SCB 10X Headquarters in The Sandbox

Wednesday 22 November 2023 15:46
Collaborative learning creates boundless possibilities that will let fans worldwide enjoy Thai pop culture in an immersive metaverse experience.SCB 10X, the driving force for SCBX Group on innovation and investment, has announced a collaborative effort with T-POP Incorporation, a torchbearer of Thai pop culture in the global arena. The two visionary entities will present the first-ever T-POP metaverse concert at SCB 10X Headquarters in The Sandbox, with the acclaimed Thai idol girl group 4EVE to capture fans worldwide. The Sandbox is a virtual world platform developed on blockchain technology, aiming to promote and push Thai artists' creativity to the international level. The collaboration creates a new type of engagement and experience between artists and fans around the world for collaborative virtual creations with limitless potential. In addition to the metaverse concert, visitors to The Sandbox can create an avatar to explore the four zones of the SCB 10X Headquarters experience for the first time. The 4EVE metaverse concert will take place from now until 26 November 2023 at
SCB 10X and T-POP unveil 4EVE's first metaverse concert at SCB 10X Headquarters in The Sandbox

Mukaya (Tai) Panich, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Venture and Investment Officer of SCB 10X, expressed her enthusiasm, "The creative and entertainment industries make up about 10% of Thailand's GDP, contributing to the growth of Thai artists and creators in the metaverse. SCB 10X Headquarters in The Sandbox presents its first virtual concert in collaboration with T-POP Incorporation and the Sandbox, two of our portfolio companies. The collaboration promises not only to spur business innovation but also to highlight Thailand's creative and entertainment ecosystem internationally."

Chalakorn Panyashom, Chief Executive Officer and Director at T-POP INCORPORATION (Workpoint Group), shared his insights, "The metaverse is the next big leap for entertainment. We are excited to partner with SCB 10X to present 4EVE's first virtual concert at SCB 10X Headquarters in The Sandbox. The opportunity allows us to venture into unprecedented territories, connecting with fans in ways previously unimaginable. This upcoming virtual landscape promises fans an elevated experience, allowing artists to push boundaries of content creation. The metaverse is set to be the bridge between artists and their global fans, redefining fan interactions and artistic creativity."

Over the past year, SCB 10X has developed the concept of SCB 10X Headquarters in The Sandbox metaverse. Now it is ready to welcome enthusiasts to exciting experiences in four different zones, namely, 1) The Teahouse: A collaborative space for exhibitions, events, and concerts, 2) Chinatown: A space for showcasing financial innovations and works of the companies under SCB 10X portfolio, emphasizing our strategic support to local and global partners, 3) Exponential Arena: A space for collaborations, business partnerships, and collaborative projects with artists and creators, where the partners can promote and exhibit their works, and 4) Arcade: A collaborative space for boundless possibilities and also promote financial literacy through adventurous quests, designed to present the Thai identity in the global arena and boundless digital world.

Register and create your own avatar in The Sandbox from now on until 26 November 2023 to join 4EVE's first virtual mini concert and explore SCB 10X Headquarters at

Source: SCB 10X

SCB 10X and T-POP unveil 4EVE's first metaverse concert at SCB 10X Headquarters in The Sandbox