Siam Discovery reveals exciting lineup of new brands, announces the opening of 'Flavor Lab' new social and dining community

Friday 24 November 2023 08:05
Siam Discovery reveals exciting lineup of new brands, announces the opening of 'Flavor Lab' new social and dining community,
Siam Discovery reveals exciting lineup of new brands, announces the opening of 'Flavor Lab' new social and dining community

and differentiates 'Gift Destination' with unique and exclusive gift offerings

  • Siam Discovery is all set to unveil an exciting lineup of new magnet stores, led by the opening of K-Fashion82, a collaboration with "Shinsegae" Korean No.1 Luxury department store, to offer multitude of popular Korean fashion labels, making their debut in Thailand.
  • Introducing Flavor Lab, a new dynamic social community and a curated selection of restaurants, where new dining experiences await.
  • Reinforcing its position as the ultimate 'Gifts Destination', Siam Discovery is enhancing its offerings with new products and collections at the height of festive season, for a unique gifting experiences.

Siam Discovery The Exploratorium, amplifies its position as 'The Biggest Arena of Lifestyle Experiments,'an arena of boundless creativity and exciting experiences to 'Explore,' 'Create' and 'Cultivate.' Siam Discovery is dedicated to deliver the latest trends and lifestyle from across the globe. The latest offerings feature an addition of 15 new brands and stores such as K-Fashion82 - a multi-brand fashion store from South Korea and the launch of Flavor Lab - a new curated dining and social community space. For festive season, Siam Discovery is underlying its position as a 'Gift Destination,' where a plethora of gifts from renowned brands for every occasion and for multitude of different lifestyles are on offer. Not to mention events to celebrate the holiday season that feature a collaboration with world-famous artist.

Ms. Saruntorn Asaves, First Executive Vice President - Business Head of the Shopping Center Business Division at Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., expressed, "Siam Discovery has been dedicated to invite people to 'Come Play with Us.' We have been offering the joy - to experience with new products, innovative ideas and the new way of getting together. Siam Discovery caters to modern lifestyle regardless of age and gender.  We strategically and continuously offer new and unique magnets and, therefore, prioritize on bringing new stores, new brands to cater to new communities.  

In October 2023, Siam Discovery proudly welcomed Duck Donuts, a famous donut brand from US, to open its first store in Southeast Asia on M Floor. The concept revolves around "Warm, Delicious Made to Order," offering a freshly baked and delectable donut for customers.

In early November 2023, Siam Discovery, in collaboration with South Korea's No.1 Luxury department store Shinsegae, unveiled the K-fashion82 pop-up store. Located on the 2nd floor, this multi-brand fashion store showcases 9 of South Korea's newly established and cult favorite brands, including RYU CLASSIC, GRACE U, SEMICODE, FROMYITH, ADD STUDIO, TEENY TIGER, JIMINLEE, ALICE MARTHA, and LIME LIKE.

And in December 2023, fandoms can expect big surprise projects. More details to follow.

From the beginning of 2023, the continuous introduction of new magnet store and new brands has strategically contributed to the success of Siam Discovery, especially being leader to present numerous phenomenal K-Pop culture and trends that are distinctive, differentiated and engaging. The buzz jumped started by the launch of the first and exclusive Carlyn Popup Boutique in Thailand. This cult-favorite bag brand from South Korea successfully generated a bustling fever of pre-order customer queue for this hottest fashion item. Followed by the opening of the first Boggle Boggle K-Ramyun Pop-up Shop in Southeast Asia. This marked a significant international collaboration, as Siam Discovery partnered with INNOCEAN, a global agency under the Hyundai Motor Group, to offer not only popular Korean ramen from South Korea but also an experience of modern lifestyle K-culture.  Also representing K-Culture trend are restaurants like Sundububu & Mil Toast Express, along with popular fashion hubs making their debut in Thailand, such as Mardi Mercredi and EMIS, adorned by famous Korean idols.

The new Flavor Lab is set to cater to customers' needs

Mr. Joseph Teoh, Business Development Director & Strategist at Siam Piwat Co., Ltd, stated, "A significant highlight of Siam Discovery set to launch at the end of this year is the transformation of the entire third floor into a social community and a dedicated space for the newest restaurants at Siam Discovery. This area - Flavor Lab, is designed to cater to customer behavioral needs and aligns with the strategy to extend the time customers spend within the shopping center."

"Flavor Lab is a curated dining and social community space showcasing new to market restaurants from Thailand and abroad. From popular Asian flavors hailing from China and Korea to international favorites by Michelin starred chefs, food lovers will find something to suit every craving, occasion and palette."

The launch of Flavor Lab, diverse restaurants are opening simultaneously, offering a range of culinary experiences featuring many establishments that are making their debut in Thailand, along with new concept restaurants like Korean BBQ from celebrity chef Baek Jong-won Bornga, premium Japanese shabu Kagonoya, famous Thai seafood Kungthong Seafood, and the upcoming opening of New York Michelin-guide recommended Roberta's in January 2024.

Adding to the exciting offerings is a newly opened hotspot, Babyccino & Co., a trendy all-day-brunch restaurant serving delectable options of coffee and bakery, located on the G Floor. This make a total line-up of 12 new restaurants in Flavor Lab and existing restaurants with a total area of over 2,500 square meters.

To celebrate the opening of Flavor Lab and the joyous festivities, Siam Discovery is offering Siam Gift Card Flavor Lab, an ideal gift for festive occasions and celebrations. This gift card can be used at restaurants at Siam Discovery such as Babyccino & Co., Bornga, Duck Donuts, Kagonoya, Kungthong Seafood, Starbucks, Sundububu & Mil Toast Express, and Thesis. Priced at 9,000 baht, the special offer includes an additional Siam Gift Card worth 1,000 baht, bringing the total value to 10,000 baht, along with additional discounts and special privileges.

A differentiated 'Gift Destination' with unique and exclusive gift offerings

Ms Usara Yongpiyakul, Chief Executive Officer of Siam Piwat Retail Holding Co., Ltd., said, "The holiday season is a high season that records highest sending among local and international customers. This year, Siam Discovery is reinforcing its position as the ultimate 'Gifts Destination', featuring a grand array of gifts- across the entire building with unique and exclusive offers. Among the highlights are:

Discovery Retail

Discovery Retail offers wide selections of fashion items, exclusively available at Siam Disovery such as Carlyn Exclusive Soft Mini, street fashion brand Fear of God Essential and Supreme at Outcast store, popular Thai brand Stolen Stores, internationally-acclaimed Thai brands like Kemissara which the designer graduated with first-class honor from London College of Fashion and Rally Movement.

Marimekko offers special environmentally-conscious collection Mari Made from coin purse, glasses,to-go water bottle. Multi-brand pop-up Shopbold is presenting top brands like CULT GAIA from L.A., MAIOU from France, ON running shoes from Switzerland. All are selections curated by Siam Discovery for shoppers.

In 2024, Siam Discovery is planning many new offers, amplifying being the 'Best K-Street Fashion Hub,' as well as new trendy brands from across the globe. Many new space developments are also in the pipeline to create new communities.


Ecotopia, the largest eco-product store based on the believe that 'Together, We Co-Create a Better World.' Ecotopia caters to environmentally-conscious target group and saving the planet is a key world trend. The gift concept of this year is "The more we give, the safer we are." The gift list feature upcycled hampers and travel set made from recycled materials such as non-recyclable waste or natural materials. The gifts also featured clothes, water bottle, skincare and makeup, all are ideal for a great gift and saving the planet.

Highlights also feature gift design collaborations with leading Thai artists such as Munins, Fahfahfahs and Peachful. Under the concept "Decarbonization," the collaboration convey through art the message of reducing carbon emission from fossil fuel to zero which features the product such as T-shirt made from recycled plastic under "360 Siam Piwat 360 Waste Journey to Zero Waste."


LOFT, a specialty store originated in Japan, presents "Loft the World of Ultimate Gifts" campaign. On offer are the first collection of Korean's pink bear character Bellygom licensed products in Thailand such as plushie, socks, towel and canvas tote bag. Featured also in LOFT's exclusive gift collection are the yellow bird Warbie Exclusive only @ LOFT collection. Loft will also host PLAY LINE FRIENDS POP UP STORE with giant BIG TATA showcase, photo booth featuring special festive-themed frame, Chirstmas ornaments, BIG TATA and friends dolls and many more.

LOFT also offers wide arrays of gift items from Japan such as, notebook, diary, planner from Hobonichi, stationary from Coco and Wondrous Gang, Barbapapa, Anne Imai that include cute calendar, notebook, keychain and pencil case that will enliven your everyday.

For 2024, LOFT is set to expand new target market and strengthen its new market penetration with "Co-Create & Collaboration" strategy with many leading brands. Only @ Loft collections will be on offer to create fanbase and collectors such as licensed collections from top cartoons, games, legendary animation and leading artists. May activities and campaigns are planned all through the year, reinforcing LOFT's "Everyday Surprise" concept.

Kickstarting the festivity with the "Sustainable Living X'mas Tree 2023," Siam Discovery's distinctive signature celebration

In addition to new shops and new spaces, Siam Discovery also celebrates year-end holiday season with world-class collaboration with over 50 million bath investment.

To welcome the festive season, Siam Discovery hosts "Sustainable Living X'mas Tree 2023" event. This marks a collaboration between Siam Discovery, a beloved playful pink bear Bellygom from South Korea and PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC).  With significant popularity in South Korea, Bellygom has been widely recognized in South Korea and has previously collaborated with leading brands such as Applary, Barrel, Krispy Kreme, Nivea, Wiggle Wiggle, and many more. Featured also are Gift-wrapping paper featuring the adorable Bellygom bear pattern, and exclusive gift items showcasing the charming character Bellygom, available at Loft on the 2nd floor of Siam Discovery.

Each year, Siam Discovery consistently campaigns for environmental preservation and sustainable development with the unveiling of environmentally friendly Christmas trees in various creative forms. This commitment serves as a unique and signature initiative. This year, in collaboration with GC, Siam Discovery introduces an eco-friendly Christmas tree standing at an impressive 11.50 meters. It was beautifully crafted from upcycled HDPE plastic, specifically cloudy plastic sourced from used packaging and featuring Bellygom. The eco-friendly Christmas trees, along with their corresponding items, are currently on display at Discovery Plaza and will continue to enchant visitors until 14 January 2024.

"Siam Discovery believes that the launch of new stores and a comprehensive marketing promotion plan is meticulously crafted to be a gift to both Thai customers and foreign tourists. This attempt reinforces our commitment to truly being a Gifts Destination, capable of attracting approximately 50,000-70,000 people per day and contributing to a sales growth of more than 10-15%," added Saruntorn. Press release by Supris Netekien, PR Director of Siam Piwat. 

Source: Siam Piwat

Siam Discovery reveals exciting lineup of new brands, announces the opening of 'Flavor Lab' new social and dining community