Prime Video Reveals the Ensemble Cast for the Thai Version of the Takeshi's Castle Reboot, Reinforcing Its Commitment to High-Quality Thai Localisation

Friday 24 November 2023 13:47
The reboot of the nostalgic, wacky game show from Japan features top Thai artistes Pramote Pathan (Oat), Niparporn Thitithanakarn (Zani), Pongkool Suebsung (Pop), and Nirut Sirichanya (Ar.Ning)
Prime Video Reveals the Ensemble Cast for the Thai Version of the Takeshi's Castle Reboot, Reinforcing Its Commitment to High-Quality Thai Localisation

The roster of A-list celebs are joined by top Thai voice actors Suparp Chaivisuttikul, Thongchai Chanchumni, and Apichit Likhitlimpreecha

Takeshi's Castle will premiere on Prime Video in Thailand on November 24

24 November, 2023—Prime Video unveiled the entire cast for the Thai version of the Takeshi's Castle reboot today, featuring a stellar cast led by A-listers Pramote Pathan (Oat), Niparporn Thitithanakarn (Zani), Pongkool Suebsung (Pop), and Nirut Sirichanya (Ar.Ning). The show also features some of the industry's most distinguished voice talents including Suparp Chaivisuttikul, Thongchai Chanchumni, and Apichit Likhitlimpreecha. The reboot of the beloved Japanese game show will be available on Prime Video in Thailand starting November 24.

The Bananaman comedy duo - Osamu Shitara and Yuki Himura - the two main characters in this reboot of Takeshi's Castle, have been dubbed into Thai by Suparp Chaivisuttikul and Thongchai Chanchumni, respectively. With an impressive, collective experience nearing a century, both Chaivisuttikul and Chanchumni stand as pillars in Thai entertainment industry. Renowned for their extensive contribution to dubbing across movies, animation, and TV shows, they have skillfully infused distinctive voices into these cherished characters.

Widely recognized for his expertise in dubbing anime and Japanese cartoon charaters into Thai, Apichit Likhitlimpreecha, a distinguished voice actor, assumes the role of the attack captain, originally played by Subaru Kimura. Likhitlimpreecha has had an illustrious career where he has lent his voice to the Thai dubbing of almost 200 films and series.

Nirut Sirichanya is one of the most recognizable faces on Thai television, a veteran actor whose career spans more than 50 years and almost 300 films and TV shows. In this reboot, he lends his voice to Takeshi Kitano, the Lord of Takeshi's Castle, who returns in this version as an AI character. Sirichanya achieved international recognition through his standout performamce as Fong Srisai in the smash-hit comedy, The Hangover Part II, amongst many other films.

Joining the list of famous on-screen actors are multitalented trio Pramote Pathan (Oat), Niparporn Thitithanakarn (Zani), and Pongkool Suebsung (Pop). The three are widely known for their soulful voices in the music industry and, as comedians, for their work on popular YouTube channel @khotkool, with over 3 million followers. Oat, Zani, and Pop assume the roles of Shinya Ueda, the first castle castellan; Naomi Watanabe, the second castle castellan; and Ennosuke Ichikawa IV, third castle castellan.

"Takeshi's Castle was undeniably one of the most iconic foreign game shows to hit the shores of Thailand in the '80s," said Darin Darakananda, head of Originals, Thailand, at Amazon Studios. "While the legendary and challenging games initially captivated the Thai audience, it was undoubtedly the Thai-dubbing, local nuances and improvisation beyond the script that made Takeshi's Castle deeply resonate with the local viewers. To assure Thai audiences, both young and old, that this reimagined and refreshing reboot does justice to the original version, we are thrilled to feature the vesy best Thai voice actors and some of the funniest and wittiest celebrities to dub the Japanese characters of Takeshi's Castle. Their participation will definitely delight original fans from the '80s, and capture the imagination of younger audiences discovering the show for the first time."

As Takeshi's Castle made its triumphant return with a global premiere in Tokyo earlier this year, the Thai reboot promises to be a delightful blend of comedy and nostalgia, incorporating elements that resonate with the local audiences.

The seven distinguished artistes got together for the official launch of the Thai reboot of Takeshi's Castle at an exclusive press conference at The St.Regis Bangkok to more than 50 members of the media. In addition to a special group interview to talk about their experience of working on this show, they showcased their talent by dubbing selected snippets live on stage, eliciting a thunderous response from the audience.

Takeshi's Castle is produced by TBS television. It is executive produced by Tsuyoshi Katayama.

The Thai version of the Takeshi's Castle reboot will join Prime Video's growing library, which includes popular Thai titles such as Comedy Island Thailand, Home School, Enigma, PP Krit Lit & Glitter, Ghost Rookie, Coin Digger, Congrats My Ex!, and My Undercover Chef, Southeast Asian titles such as the award-winning Before, Now & Then (Nana), Perfect Strangers, Ten Little Mistresses, and Korean titles such as Island and Love in Contract, anime hits such as Chainsaw Man, on top of award-winning and critically acclaimed Amazon Originals like The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, The Boys, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan,?and Emmy and Golden Globe winners Argentina 1985, Fleabag, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Prime Video members in Thailand will be able to watch Takeshi's Castle anywhere and anytime on hundreds of compatible devices. In the Prime Video app, members can also download episodes on their mobile devices and tablets and watch anywhere offline at no additional cost. Prime Video is available in Thailand for just 149 baht per month, new customers can find out more at

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