Shell Unveils the New "Shell V-Power", Premium-Grade Fuel with Clean Combustion and Enhanced Engine Power

Wednesday 29 November 2023 16:21
Shell unveils the new "Shell V-Power", premium-grade fuel with clean combustion and enhanced engine power, trusted by Thai consumers and ranked # 1 in sales.
Shell Unveils the New Shell V-Power, Premium-Grade Fuel with Clean Combustion and Enhanced Engine Power

The Shell Company of Thailand Limited has unveiled its enhanced "Shell V-Power," the No. 1 best-selling premium grade fuel in Thailand. This new formula thoroughly cleanses injectors and intake valves, restoring engine performance to its peak. Enjoy improved acceleration and confidence, whether you have a gasoline or diesel engine in your car or motorcycle. Embrace the thrill of "driving with more power and faster acceleration" when you fill up at Shell service stations nationwide.

Mr. Omar Sheikh, Executive Director of Mobility Business at The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, said, "For over 131 years, Shell has remained steadfast in our commitment to making life's journey better. We continually improve our fuels for optimal performance and engine efficiency, consistently meeting the evolving needs of our valued customers. As a result, we have become the No. 1 leader in premium grade fuel sales in Thailand. We worked diligently to formulate the new Shell V-Power fuel for over five years, leveraging cutting-edge technology and world-class expertise. This enabled us to address the challenges posed by modern, smaller engines, which often experience increased heat and pressure during operations, leading to incomplete combustion and reduced engine efficiency and performance, as well as increased carbon dioxide emissions."

The new Shell V-Power, the company's highest premium- grade fuel with unmatched performance, was developed in collaboration with the Scuderia Ferrari team. The goal was to create a fuel that matches 99% of the properties of Shell V-Power Race Fuel, the preferred choice of fuel for Ferrari race cars. The improved Shell V-Power fuel features a potent cleaning agent that prevents the accumulation of deposits in fuel injectors and intake valves by 100%, significantly enhancing fuel efficiency for a robust driving experience. Experience improved acceleration, a longer lifespan for your engine, and decreased carbon soot buildup, making this a more sustainable choice. The advanced Shell V-Power formulation is available for both Gasohol 95 and Diesel.

"The new formula of Shell V-Power is a premium fuel designed to align with our goal of 'Powering Lives,' enhancing people's quality of life, meeting the preferences of car enthusiasts, and addressing demand for increased power, faster acceleration, and confident overtaking - all while ensuring safety on every journey. This formulation reinforces our 'Powering Progress' strategy, focusing on developing and delivering more efficient fuel energy and fostering customer-centric business growth in a sustainable manner, benefiting both society and our stakeholders," concluded Mr. Omar. Experience Shell V-Power, the latest premium-grade fuel trusted by automotive leaders, such as Ferrari, BMW, and Ducati, at Shell service stations nationwide.

Source: The Shell Company of Thailand?Limited

Shell Unveils the New Shell V-Power, Premium-Grade Fuel with Clean Combustion and Enhanced Engine Power