MCERTS Certified: Dustroid by Oizom Redefines Standards in Environmental Monitoring

Friday 01 December 2023 14:05
Oizom is proud to announce its lat?st achi?v?m?nt: th? Dustroid Air Quality Monitor has successfully obtain?d th? MCERTS c?rtification. This significant accomplishm?nt, award?d by CSA Group (Sira) on b?half of th? Environm?nt Ag?ncy (EA), highlights Dustroid's adh?r?nc? to the stringent MCERTS P?rformanc? Standards for Indicativ? Ambi?nt Particulat? Monitors.

MCERTS c?rtification r?pr?s?nts a major mil?ston?, adding a lay?r of cr?dibility and trust to Dustroid's capabilities in air quality monitoring. MCERTS s?ts a comprehensive framework for ?valuating th? p?rformanc? of monitoring ?quipm?nt for air, land, and wat?r ?missions. Achieving this certification means that Dustroid meets and exceeds th? high standards for data quality required for accurate ambient air monitoring.

Dustroid is ?xc?ll?nt in m?asuring particulat? matt?r, notably PM2.5 and PM10, with r?markabl? accuracy. This makes it an essential air quality dust monitor for tracking pollution ?v?nts in s?ctors with high dust ?missions lik? construction sit?s, mining ar?as, and d?molition zon?s. Its accurat? and r?al-tim? data coll?ction is proven to be vital for maintaining ?nvironm?ntal complianc? and prot?cting public health.

Kruti Davda, Oizom's Environm?ntal L?ad, shar?d h?r insights, "Dustroid's MCERTS c?rtification is mor? than an achi?v?m?nt; it's a commitment to ?xc?ll?nc?. It ensures that industri?s r?lying on us for air quality monitoring can do so with compl?t? confid?nc?, knowing that th?y ar? compliant with ?nvironm?ntal r?gulations."

This c?rtification not only ?nhanc?s Dustroid's r?putation in th? r?gulatory mark?t but also positions it as an accr?dit?d, cost-effective solution for accurate and reliable data collection. This is crucial for making inform?d decisions in r?gulatory cont?xts, making Dustroid a preferred choice for industries bound by strict ?nvironm?ntal standards.

With advanced technology and th? MCERTS c?rtification, Dustroid solidifi?s its status as a front-runn?r in air quality monitoring. It stands as a symbol of r?liability and accuracy, providing compr?h?nsiv? air quality monitoring solutions across various s?ctors.

About Oizom:
Oizom is an innovative technology company specialising in environmental monitoring solutions. The company is renowned for its advanced air quality monitoring systems, which are designed to track a wide range of environmental parameters accurately. Oizom's solutions are pivotal in providing air quality management data, helping mitigate pollution, and enhancing public health.

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Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest