Creator-First Social Membership Network VERO Introduces VERO Music(TM)

Monday 25 December 2023 08:10
The ad-free social network introduces VERO Music(TM), a new-model independent record label, empowering emerging artists

VERO, the creator-first ad-free social network, has introduced an artist incubator, VERO Music(TM), a new-model independent label to provide artists with the resources to build sustainable careers.

Since its inception, VERO has fostered a rich and diverse community of independent creative talent. Free from the interference of ads or algorithms, VERO gives strength to a culture focused on creativity. Being fully integrated with VERO, VERO Music(TM) is uniquely positioned. It offers both a platform for music fans to discover new music and a pipeline for emerging talent. 

"VERO Music(TM) is a natural extension of our platform. Supporting artists and helping them share their art with the world is core to what we stand for. Instead of battling algorithms, we want artists to focus on what they do best — creating work that moves culture forward," said Ayman Hariri, VERO co-founder and CEO. 

Today, artists are making great efforts to retain majority equity ownership of their work to have agency over their careers — past, present, and future. VERO Music(TM) is an artist-first business model, built to challenge traditional commercial label limitations. Artists retain 100% control of their copyrights and have the opportunity to start earning immediately.

"Throughout my career, I've been passionate about fostering new talent and advancing innovation. In line with VERO's values, VERO Music(TM) is about total transparency and passionate support for creativity," said Nikke Slight, Head of VERO Music(TM). "What's so exciting — as the label is integrated with a social platform — is that we have a unique opportunity to collaborate with our artists to develop the tools and functionality they truly need to build long-term, sustainable careers." 

VERO Music(TM) artists are empowered to grow at their own pace. The diverse roster receives mentorship, marketing support and funding to create EP's, full albums, visual content, as well as bespoke tour and event production support.

Nikke Slight leads the group. Prior to joining VERO Music(TM) she was a senior executive at Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group. The label is currently collaborating with artists, including Thunder Jackson, Until the Ribbon Breaks, Abi Ocia, Evenson, and Lauren Ruth Ward.

About VERO

Co-founded by Ayman Hariri in 2015, VERO is an ad-free social membership network. From design to functionality, VERO has redefined what a social network should be — delivering a better, truer social experience for everybody. VERO is optimized for connection, not addiction, putting the user in total control. VERO is available on desktop, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

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Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest