COCKPIT Launches Online Commercial VDO on "Beautire Clinic", Highlighting Easy and Carefree Tire Maintenance Like Woman's Taking Good Care of Beauty

Thursday 04 January 2024 16:56
COCKPIT, a Fast-Fist One Stop Auto Care Center, under the operation of Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. with 277 stores nationwide, continues to achieve customers' top of mind by providing quality standard of products and services with proactive communication. Last year, COCKPIT initiated COCKPIT SALA PITSTOP to enhance happiness and safe driving for car drivers in every destination, as well as mitigate road accident issues to elevate road safety during Songkran festival. This year, COCKPIT launched online commercial VDO on "Beautire Clinic" with the concept of "COCKPIT takes care of tire maintenance, just like a woman takes good care of her beauty" to reinforce customers' long-term top of mind. The online commercial VDO highlighted exceptional and unique tire maintenance, driven by a strong commitment to delivering safety to every destination. The online commercial VDO presented with easy storytelling customized for female car users. COCKPIT is ready to service all customers by professional technicians with four exquisite tire maintenance steps.
COCKPIT Launches Online Commercial VDO on Beautire Clinic, Highlighting Easy and Carefree Tire Maintenance Like Woman's Taking Good Care of Beauty

The Online Commercial VDO on "Beautire Clinic" takes 3.39 minutes long and is presented through a woman's point of view on beauty maintenance routine, which is on the contrary, might overlook the importance of tire maintenance. This especially happens when the tire runs into a problem. To respond to customer's pain points among female car users, COCKPIT presents "Beautire Clinic" with four exquisite tire maintenance steps by comparing with woman's beauty routine through beauty courses provided by COCKPIT's easy-to-understand tire maintenance because COCKPIT believes that we have specially crafted the tire maintenance just like woman's beauty courses.

  • Tire/Mage Treatment: for cleansing and checking tire rims 3 in 1 for cracks and dusts in the rims to elevate the level of safety.
  • Tirefu: for tightening and balancing front wheel frame with wheel alignment before assembling tires with the rims to reduce a quiver while driving.
  • Fillom Filer: for checking the accuracy of tire assembling with the rims, tire leaks (tires and valves), tire filling with a water spray at the tire bead and valve to ensure no leakage for a safe destination.
  • Nuts and Bolts Surgery: for using wrench to unwind the nuts and bolts for different types of tires and for easy usage in case of emergency.

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For those interested in the services, please visit COCKPIT nationwide or, and customer service by calling. 1369 for further information.

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