Oldies Are Goldies: Bakery Music Celebrates 30th Anniversary with New Album Release, "Back To Bakery Vol.1" Reinventing the Greatest Hits by 9 Rising Artists.

Friday 12 January 2024 15:00
"Bakery Music", a renowned alternative record label, might hold a special place in the hearts of many. Although the label may have closed its doors years ago, its legacy lives on like a childhood friend. In 2024, the label would have reached its 30th anniversary. To commemorate its long history, "Sony Music Entertainment Thailand" is thrilled to announce its newest album release, "Back To Bakery Vol.1". The album reintroduces timeless Bakery Music melodies, featuring nine up-and-coming artists including YEW, PURPEECH, SHERRY, LANDOKMAI, Television Off, SAMMii, Rosalyn, Alec Orachi, and Ford Trio. Each brings a unique flair and interpretation to the album, taking us back into the time machine.
Oldies Are Goldies: Bakery Music Celebrates 30th Anniversary with New Album Release, Back To Bakery Vol.1 Reinventing the Greatest Hits by 9 Rising Artists.

The album cover boasts a 90s-2000s design with various recognizable items. With a pager, a Tamagotchi, stickers, a Walkman, and the classic Bakery album, this collection truly represents the best of an era. There are 9 reproduced classic hits to this album;

"สิ่งที่ไม่เคยบอก" is revised in Television Off's version. With the band's distinctive style, an added guitar line submerges us into the sorrow and distress held deeply within this song. Moderndog, a legendary alternative band, owns the original of this melancholy track.

"ดินแดนแห่งความฝัน", originally released by Soul After Six, is sung by the powerful voice of SAMMii. With love drifting in the air, her unique vocal will encapsulate all hearts. SAMMii stated that she had chosen this track specifically because of the lyrics as it portrays the essence of a mature love.

"สัมพันธ์", a Pause original track, is recreated in a different version by PURPEECH. The popular indie band has carefully captured the feelings we experience at the beginning of a relationship or when casually exchanging conversation with our soon-to-be lover.

"คืนนี้ขอหอม", a flirtatious piece by Po, Yokee Playboy, has been made a rendition by Rosalyn. The playful side of this song is the main reason for the band's selection. They also pointed out a refreshing choice of words in the lyrics saying 'your scent is consequential'. This song, in Rosalyn's version, highlights the dreamy synthesizer that's characteristic of the band.

"รักที่เพิ่งผ่านพ้นไป", as originally sung by Groove Rider, is redone in YEW's hands. In this song, the skilled group beautifully conveys the pain of forever losing a loved one. This new version is slightly more upbeat than the original, bringing forth a fresh tone to the track.

"ขอบคุณ" is another Moderndog's song being revived. SHERRY has long been a big fan of Moderndog. They handpicked this song in gratitude to their childhood musical heroes. SHERRY's version of "ขอบคุณ" is warm and comforting, filled with thankfulness for everyone. This track is a stark contrast to the tone of the original, a quirk worthwhile for a try.

"คนใจร้าย" in the version of Ford Trio feat. Rejizz was inspired by the artist's beloved band. Groove River, the owner of the song, has tailored a notable use of the word 'influence' in this song. Thus, it's not a surprise that Ford Trio pulls a twist on this track with a headbanging groove. Rap verses from Rejizz are just right for the cherry on top!

"สมาคมตาชั้นเดียว (กากี่นั้ง)", a record-breaking track from Joey Boy, is transformed by Alec Orachi, the yellow hat boss. Don't worry, the freakiness of the original is here to stay. Be blown away by the new verse saying 'Didn't go to school I'm busy being CEO.' This version is naughtily certified.

Closing this album with a somber track from LANDOKMAI, "รักเธอทั้งหมดของหัวใจ" is another Pause original brought back to life. Drown yourself in the sweet sadness with Upim's voice in LANDOKMAI-style harmony. Undoubtedly, the fans are sure to be impressed by this song.

Last but not least, the music videos for these nine songs will be released on January 12th at 14:00. Don't slip off the time machine, be sure to watch these 8-bit retro music videos on YouTube: https://BakeryVol1.lnk.to/YTPlaylist and Music Streaming Platform: https://BakeryVol1.lnk.to/BTB1.Stay tuned with the latest news at https://www.facebook.com/sonythaiartists

Source: Sony Music Entertainment Thailand

Oldies Are Goldies: Bakery Music Celebrates 30th Anniversary with New Album Release, Back To Bakery Vol.1 Reinventing the Greatest Hits by 9 Rising Artists.