LINE NEXT Officially Launches DOSI as a Digital Commerce Platform

Tuesday 23 January 2024 16:38
LINE NEXT Officially Launches DOSI as a Digital Commerce Platform
LINE NEXT Officially Launches DOSI as a Digital Commerce Platform
  • After a successful beta service as a global NFT platform, DOSI expands to a full digital commerce platform
  • Official DOSI service now a Web3 platform where service memberships, game items and tickets can be traded as digital products
  • With both web browser and mobile app versions, DOSI focuses on delivering value and utility, with over 20 million digital products from start-ups, games and brands

LINE NEXT Inc., LINE's venture dedicated to developing and expanding the Web3 ecosystem, announced today that it has opened the official version of DOSI as a digital commerce (D-commerce) platform, available in 180 countries.

The beta version of DOSI, launched in September 2022, has already reached more than 5.5 million users worldwide and 560,000 cumulative transactions. Now, based on the success of that beta service, LINE NEXT aims to go beyond just NFTs to make the official DOSI a full D-commerce platform where users can easily trade a diverse range of digital products. The new DOSI also expands usability by becoming available as a mobile app available for both Android and iOS (available now for Android, with iOS scheduled to become available soon).

The official version of DOSI offers more than 20 million digital products, with a wide array of services and brands to deliver value and utility, including memberships for services and brands, and a selection of contents and tickets to connect digital and offline experiences. In particular, by integrating with LINE NFT, an NFT marketplace in Japan, users can buy popular products from brands and games by such companies as Japan Airlines Co. and CryptoNinja Partners. Additionally, more than 20 membership products from start-up companies will be offered to popularize digital product trading in diverse areas, including:

  • SuperPlat, a community-based social platform for gaming and brands' digital contents
  • Quantrack, a stock investing and analysis platform
  • inDJ, an AI-based music streaming and K-POP community service
  • FLDA, a community-based service for K-POP fandom

DOSI provides easy access and usability for newcomers to the world of Web3 through the mobile app. To use DOSI, users can simply log in using a wide array of social media accounts and enjoy a seamless trading experience through mobile payments, including Naver Pay, LINE Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and virtual assets. Previous users from DOSI's beta version for web browsers can directly access the app using the same account.

Furthermore, the Web3 gaming platform GAME DOSI is now integrated into the DOSI app, offering a gaming category where users can trade game items from both Web2 and Web3 era games.  In fact, LINE NEXT plans to create a gaming ecosystem for gamers on DOSI.

To help Web2 brands and services easily transition to Web3, LINE NEXT provides a DOSI Software Development Kit (DOSI SDK) through which they can simply give ownership to existing products and trade them.

"DOSI will set the standard for technology that captures ownership of all digital products with value," said Youngsu Ko, CEO of LINE NEXT. "By delivering the essential value of products, DOSI plans to provide services that general users can relate to."

In December, LINE NEXT announced a USD140 million investment from a consortium led by the private equity firm Crescendo Equity Partners ("Crescendo"), a Peter Thiel-backed private equity firm. With a vision to popularize Web3, LINE NEXT will introduce various new services including social app and games based on the public blockchain Finschia.

About LINE NEXT Inc.

Based in United States, LINE NEXT Inc. is focused on growing the global Web3 business. Through building a Web3 ecosystem, LINE NEXT aims to provide new digital experiences and lead the way into the future.

About DOSI:

  • Available devices: Web, Android
  • Launch date: January 10, 2024
  • Available regions: Global
  • Available languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (traditional), Thai
  • Available payment methods: Credit cards, mobile payments (different methods may be available in different regions) and virtual assets
  • Developer: LINE NEXT Corp.
  • Operator: LINE NEXT Inc.
  • Official Channels:
    • DOSI site:

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LINE NEXT Officially Launches DOSI as a Digital Commerce Platform