DataX shines in AI and LLMs personnel talent, securing dual global honors at "NeurIPS 2023 Challenge"

Tuesday 30 January 2024 10:00
SCB Data X Co., Ltd. (DataX), a leading business data analytics service provider dedicated to enhancing competitiveness through data science, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and Large Language Models (LLMs) within the SCBX Group, continually supports the potential of its exceptional personnel in data science and generative AI. The company recently fielded a team of skilled professionals who showcased their world-class capabilities, ultimately clinching two prestigious awards at the "NeurIPS 2023 Challenge," hosted by AI at Meta and Microsoft Research in New Orleans in the USA. Renowned as a platform emphasizing equal access to Large Language Models (LLMs), the event attracted 187 participants from around the globe competing in 75 teams. The rigorous evaluation process, spanning four months, was conducted by a panel of AI industry experts.
DataX shines in AI and LLMs personnel talent, securing dual global honors at NeurIPS 2023 Challenge

Representatives from DataX, led by Mr. Pawan Kumar Rajpoot, Senior Data Scientist at DataX and member of the Upaya team, secured the top prize in the challenge of customizing open-source LLM on a single GPU (RTX 4090 or A100 40GB). Additionally, Mr. Nut Chukamphaeng and Dr. Pakhapoom Sarapat, Senior Data Scientists at DataX and member of the Lingjoor team, claimed the fourth prize. These accolades underscore the rich personnel potential within the organization, characterized by a pool of individuals possessing extensive knowledge and expertise in AI and machine learning. This achievement aligns seamlessly with the SCBX Group's vision, as it strives to introduce new technology and foster competitiveness for the SCBX Group in the long term, building the foundation for its ultimate goal of becoming a leading regional financial technology group.

Source: SCB DataX