PRO-Thailand Network, in Collaboration with Uncle Saleng

Tuesday 30 January 2024 17:04
The PRO-Thailand Network, also known as the Packaging Recovery Organization Thailand Network, in collaboration with the "3WheelsUncle" Facebook page, organizes the "Segregate, Return, Restore the World" project. This initiative invites Thai people to jointly care for the environment by starting with simple daily life actions. It encourages the segregating and returning of three types of post-consumer packaging: PET plastic bottles, UHT beverage cartons, and multi-layered plastic packaging (MLP). The effort aims to mitigate the waste problem and promote widespread recycling.
PRO-Thailand Network, in Collaboration with Uncle Saleng

The "Segregate, Return, Restore the World" project with the PRO-Thailand Network is scheduled to run from today to 28 February 2024. Interested individuals can participate in the project by segregating three types of post-consumer packaging according to the project's packaging segregation methods. Registration is through the Green2Get app, selecting the "Segregate, Return, Restore the World" activity with the PRO-Thailand Network and adding materials to the project, with a chance to win prizes. The post-consumer packaging collected by the project will be recycled or properly utilized, aligning with the project's primary goal of promoting sustainable packaging management in Thailand.

The steps for preparing to segregate post-consumer packaging before submitting it to the project can be done as follows:

  • For PET plastic bottles, finish the drink, empty any remaining liquid, clean and dry the bottle, and squash it flat to save space. Post-consumer PET bottles can be recycled into rPET bottles (Recycled PET bottles), also known as "Bottle-to-bottle recycling," allowing them to be reused countless times. rPET bottles are clean, safe, and meet the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards, representing truly sustainable packaging.
  • UHT beverage cartons consist of three main materials: 75 percent paper fibers and 25 percent a combination of plastic and aluminum foil (polyAl), bonded together in layers. These materials can be repurposed after recycling. To prepare post-consumer UHT beverage cartons for the project, start by consuming all the milk, juice, or coconut milk. Then, separate the carton and straw, tear or cut the carton into sheets, clean them thoroughly, and ensure they are dry. Alternatively, if cutting is inconvenient, the empty cartons can also be flattened.
  • The category of crisp snack bags, instant noodle packets, coffee sachets, pet food pouches, or multi-layered plastic packaging (MLP) involves various layers including plastic film, aluminum foil, nylon plastic, and PE plastic. For segregating, take the empty packets after consumption or use, ensure that nothing is left inside, clean with water if necessary, and dry them thoroughly. Neatly fold or roll the packets before sending them for the project. Additionally, the project is ready to accept other types of flexible plastic packaging, such as refill pouches, plastic bags, stretch film, and polypropylene (PP) hot food bags. These should be cleaned and then follow the same preparation steps before submission.

Ms. Mayuree Aroonwaranon, in her role as the PRO-Thailand Network Project Manager, stated that in an era where waste problems and the management of limited natural resources are challenging, raising awareness and motivating public participation in solving these issues are immensely important. This led to the initiation of the "Segregate, Return, Restore the World" project, in collaboration with the "3WheelsUncle" Facebook page. The primary objective is to increase the collection of post-consumer packaging for recycling and to campaign for Thai citizens to start segregating their waste from the source. Recycling not only reduces the amount of waste that leaks into the environment but also saves new resources, reduces energy usage, and helps promote a tangible circular economy. Therefore, segreating and collecting post-consumer packaging for recycling is not only a strategy for waste management but also the core of caring for the environment and sustainable national development.

Since 2020, the PRO-Thailand Network has operated a pilot project for managing three types of post-consumer packaging: PET plastic bottles, UHT beverage cartons (such as milk, juice, and coconut milk cartons), and multi-layered plastic packaging (such as snack bags, refill pouches, and coffee sachets). During 2020-2022, the project has successfully collected 25,134.15 tons of PET plastic bottles, 180.49 tons of UHT beverage cartons, and 78.56 tons of post-consumer Multi-Layered plastic packaging.

In addition, Mr. Prem Pruktayanon, the founder of the "3WheelsUncle" Facebook page and the owner of the Green2Get app, a platform used for this mandate, stated that the collaboration with the PRO-Thailand Network in the "Segreate, Return, Restore the World" project marks an initiative to promote efficient and sustainable recyclable waste management in Thailand. Segregating waste may seem distant and complex for many. Therefore, organizing the "Segregate, Return, Restore the World" project through the Green2Get app will make the return of post-consumer packaging easier, which is fitting for modern eco-conscious consumers. It simplifies the process, making it more accessible and emphasizing education and the management of recyclable waste. Collaborating with the PRO-Thailand Network represents a significant step towards increasing the volume of post-consumer packaging in the recycling system, thereby enhancing the efficiency of waste management in Thailand.

Participants interested in joining the "Segregate, Return, Restore the World" project with the PRO-Thailand Network can register through the Green2Get app, available for download at the following links: iOS:, Android: Once the app is downloaded, select the "Activity" category to enter the Green Missions event system. Then, select the "Segregate, Return, Restore the World" activity and follow the instructions. Participants can accumulate as much weight as possible for the recycling process and track the quantity of their submissions through the Green2Get app for a chance to win prizes from the PRO-Thailand Network. For more details, visit the PRO-Thailand Network Facebook page at

Source: PR & Associates