Check Point Software Reveals Thai Organisations Face 800 More Weekly Cyber attacks than Global Average Over the Last Six Months

Thursday 01 February 2024 12:20
Thai organisations were attacked 1,892 times a week, with the Government and Military being the industries attacked the most
Check Point Software Reveals Thai Organisations Face 800 More Weekly Cyber attacks than Global Average Over the Last Six Months

Check Point(R) Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally, have revealed that Thai organisations have been subject to 1,892 cyber attacks per week over the last half year — an alarmingly high valuation compared to the global average of 1,040, per Check Point's latest Threat Intelligence Report. The findings also revealed that Cryptominer and Botnet malware have been the two most prevalent threats in Thailand, indicating that the Kingdom is susceptible to phishing attacks, a variety of scams, and resource hijacking.

Furthermore, attacks were most seen on the Government/Military, Manufacturing, and Finance/Banking industries, which were subject to 5,789 attacks in the last six months. Cybersecurity has become increasingly important due to the attack's frequency and sensitive nature of targeted industries, with these attacks potentially looking at retrieving sensitive information, disrupting critical infrastructure, exploiting IoT vulnerabilities, and siphoning lucrative monies, among others.

"Organisations in Thailand are facing an uphill battle. Cybersecurity attacks are getting more sophisticated and the volume of attacks have just been on the rise year after year." said Chanvith Iddhivadhana, Country Manager, Thailand for Check Point Software Technologies. "Organisations must remain vigilant in the face of increasing cyber risks. To defend against the upcoming onslaught of attacks, organisations will require a consolidated, collaborative, and comprehensive platform approach to cybersecurity, crucial to safeguard the resilience of the digital infrastructure in Thailand."

The threat of cyber attacks continue to impact not just Thailand but is causing disruption across the globe. According to Check Point's latest cyber-attacks report, one in ten organisations worldwide were hit by ransomware attacks in 2023, a 33% increase from 2022 — an all-time peak. Just like digital consumption patterns, cyberattacks are evolving and morphing to the times, with organisations scrambling to battle these new tactics within the digital battlefield. Amplified by zero-day vulnerabilities, the unstable geopolitical landscape of today and the use of AI in cyberthreats, it is becoming increasingly hard for organisations to keep up with the tactics employed by cyber attackers.

To combat the ever-changing landscape of cyber attacks, businesses need a platform to defend against these new and improved series of cyber attacks. Unveiling its updated strategy for 2024, Check Point Software will transform into a true cybersecurity platform that is AI-powered, and cloud-delivered across the date centre, network, cloud, endpoint, mobile and IoT. This builds on the existing Check Point mantra of "The 3Cs of Best Security", covering Comprehensive coverage, Consolidated architecture, and leveraging true Collaboration which delivers the best threat prevention to stop multi-vector attacks.

In line with its new strategy, Check Point Software introduces:

  • AI-Powered, Cloud-Delivered Platform: Check Point's newly launched Generative AI security solution — Check Point Infinity AI Copilot is positioned as a powerful security team mate to organisations. It is designed to help businesses automate security with AI. Levering Check Point's ThreatCloudAI with over 50 AI-powered security engines, this solution utilises automation and collaborative intelligence to improve security effectiveness and accelerate security administration. This help organisations reduce the time needed for security tasks including policy creation, implementation and trouble ticket resolution. Additionally, it can automatically develop optimal security policies and real-time threat prevention controls, with 99.8% unknown attacks prevented, making it the most effective security management platform. AI Copilot can also train users to avoid the latest hacker techniques including phishing and ransomware, and improve incident mitigation and response by leveraging AI in threat hunting, analysis and resolution.
  • Check Point Quantum Spark 1900 and 2000, the latest additions to its next-generation firewall series for small and medium business (SMBs). These advanced security gateways are specifically engineered to protect SMBs from ever-evolving cyber threats. The new Quantum Spark security gateways offer high-performance network security at scale with zero-touch provisioning, advanced cloud management, and automated threat management capabilities, making them ideal for medium-sized businesses.
  • Enhanced Partner Program, strategically aligned with Check Point's comprehensive platform, focusing on its end-to-end AI-powered, cloud-delivered security. This program enables partners to effectively cross-sell and up-sell advanced security solutions from Check Point's comprehensive portfolio, covering a broad spectrum of attack surfaces, addressing needs in SASE, email security, cloud environments, SD-WAN, and mobile security.

Mr. Iddhivadhana shares "True collaboration within the cybersecurity stack across the entire business, including third party vendors, will deliver the best threat prevention approach, and is the only way to gain advantage over the attacker. With Check Point's new AI-powered and cloud-delivered platform strategy and additions to its offerings, we bring AI to action so businesses can be empowered to secure their enterprise from end to end, and protect your assets against today's ever evolving threats."

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