UD Trucks Thailand is ready to launch Euro 5 standard trucks in response to government policies.

Friday 02 February 2024 00:18
UD Trucks Thailand is ready to launch Euro 5 standard trucks in response to government policies.
UD Trucks Thailand is ready to launch Euro 5 standard trucks in response to government policies.
  • Official launch on January 30, 2024, through online channels
  • The UD Quester and Croner Euro 5 come with new features and environmental

impact reduction in line with government policies.

UD Trucks Thailand introduces Euro 5 standard trucks, UD Quester (heavy-duty) and Croner (medium-duty), featuring new developments to enhance profitability and reduce environmental impact in accordance with government policies. This aligns with the National Dust Pollution Control Operation plan, effective from January 1, 2024.

UD Trucks Corporation has been a longstanding presence in the trucking industry for over 89 years and has consistently been at the forefront of trucking innovations for commercial purposes. With a dedication to driving a better world and a continual awareness of global environmental changes and issues, such as the escalating problem of PM2.5 particulate matter worldwide and the increasingly severe annual changes in weather conditions, UD Trucks Corporation has proactively prepared in the realm of innovative technologies to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. The corporation has undertaken the production and distribution of Euro 5 standard trucks to international markets worldwide.

Mr. Eric Labat, President of UD Trucks Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., revealed that "Under this initiative, the Bangkok plant of UD Trucks Corporation, located on Bangna-Trat Road, has been manufacturing Euro 5 standard UD Trucks for distribution both in Thailand and globally. The production and export of Euro 5 standard trucks, including UD Quester and Croner models, began in the year 2021 to various countries, such as those in South Africa, the Middle East, and others.

Therefore, we are well-prepared to introduce products with improved performance and cleaner emissions to the Thai market. We employ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for exhaust gas purification, injecting AdBlue solution into the system to react with nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust, converting them into nitrogen gas and water before release into the atmosphere. UD Trucks has been a pioneer in adopting SCR technology since 2004 in Japan and has continuously developed and refined the system. This technology has proven to maintain engine durability, provide long-term operation, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize engine performance."

Mr. Eric added that the introduction of Euro 5 standard trucks utilizing SCR technology, based on overseas testing, has demonstrated the capability to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) or air pollutants by 60%, and PM2.5 particulate matter by up to 80%, when compared to trucks adhering to Euro 3 standards.


Benefits of SCR Technology

Better efficiency and

optimized TCO

-       Efficient engine combustion results in fuel savings.

-       No cost for replacing Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) equipment.

- Reduced maintenance costs with extended service intervals or Preventive Maintenance (PM) every 60,000 kilometers for UD Quester 11-liter engines.

Better uptime

-       Complete engine combustion enables full engine power output.

  • Clean engines with no residues from the combustion process, extending the engine's lifespan.

Better for the environment

-       Reduce pollution from exhaust emissions and particulate matter.

-       Foster sustainability for the transportation industry and our world.

In addition to utilizing SCR technology in Euro 5 standard trucks, UD Trucks has introduced new features. For instance, there are new horsepower options in the Quester model with a semi-automatic transmission system (Escot gearbox), is available in both 410 horsepower and 460 horsepower, providing customers with a choice, and maintaining the advantage of high torque at low revs within a broad range, contributing to fuel efficiency. The vehicles also feature an Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system to prevent rollovers and skidding during cornering, along with a 2-point battery disconnect switch (ADR2) in compliance with safety standards for transporting hazardous goods.

Mr. Eric concluded, "In the past year, UD Trucks has seen a remarkable growth of over 47% in the cumulative registration of trucks, and we have significantly expanded our customer base. Currently, we hold the third position in the Thai truck market. We are confident that our Euro 5 standard trucks will receive positive responses from the transportation industry.

To celebrate the launch, we have a special offer for customers who place an order from February to May 2024. They will receive a free 2-year preventive maintenance package, along with 1000 liters of Adblue for UD Quester trucks, and a free 1-year preventive maintenance package with 500 liters of Adblue for UD Croner trucks."


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UD Trucks Thailand is ready to launch Euro 5 standard trucks in response to government policies.