Tops unveils a new standalone branch at Ratpattana, attracting a diverse range of products with an aim to create Neighborhood Mall Destination

Monday 05 February 2024 16:44
Tops unveils a new standalone branch at Ratpattana, attracting a diverse range of stores, products, services, and popular restaurants with an aim to create Neighborhood Mall Destination, offers a one-stop shopping hubcatering to every lifestyle need.
Tops unveils a new standalone branch at Ratpattana, attracting a diverse range of products with an aim to create Neighborhood Mall Destination

Tops, a food business under Central Retail, showcases the potential of Thailand's leading food retail with continuous expansion. It has lately unveiled the new standalone branch, 'Tops Ratpattana', integrating numerous renowned shops, products, services, and dining establishments. It aims to be a friendly neighbor to Ratpattana community, adopting the concept of a 'Neighborhood Mall Destination,' a central hub for lifestyle needs in the vicinity. It brings together a comprehensive shopping, dining, and service experience without the need to travel into the city center, offering over 20,000 items. The launch includes the introduction of the 'Halal Products' zone, catering to the Muslim communities in the area. Tops has attracted well-known business partners, including popular food and beverage brands and a complete range of lifestyle products and beauty services from 18 different stores. The location spans over the vast 4-rai area, strategically positioned in the area of Bangkok's eastern districts. It targets the high-purchasing power demographic residing in upscale communities, offering customers special moments and new inspirations every day, following the concept of 'Every Day DISCOVERY MORE.' Tops Ratpattana is now open for business.

Mr. Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer of Food Group, Central Retail, expressed, "This year, Tops is dedicated to continuous business growth, especially in expanding branches nationwide to increase customer accessibility. We have developed store formats and sizes suitable to meet the specific needs of customers in each area, presenting diverse and distinctive experiences to customers, following the concept of 'Every Day DISCOVERY MORE.' Tops Ratpattana, our first branch this year, adopts a standalone format, aiming to be a new place to hang out strategically located on Ratpattana Road, to complement and enhance every lifestyle for customers with a vibrant concept — Neighborhood Mall Destination, the neighborhood's go-to destination for all your daily essentials and more.

"Building on the success of Tops Pattanakarn 30 branch, which serves as the prototype standalone store for Tops, this new expansion comes from recognizing the potential in consumer purchasing power and the strategic location in Bangkok's east zone. This area is experiencing significant growth in residential projects, with over 20,000 households, particularly in high-priced allocated housing complexes. Additionally, it boasts connectivity to key roads, such as the newly constructed Sri Nagarindra-Romklao road, facilitating convenient travel to various areas across Bangkok."

Tops Ratpattana is located on Ratpattana Road, covering an area of over 6,400 square meters or 4 rai, enhancing customer convenience with a comprehensive product range. Through the fusion of a comprehensive premium supermarket stocked with fresh food, premium-grade ingredients, and top-quality products sourced from all corners of the globe - featuring over 20,000 items - we aim to reinforce the idea of being Central to Life, the epicenter of everyone's lifestyle with the 'Halal products' zone, which is designed with a customer data-driven approach, specifically tailored to accommodate the significant presence of Thai Muslim customers in the area. Employing a strategy that involves studying target group data and developing service models aligned with the specific needs of customers, Tops guarantees a shopping experience that caters to the diverse requirements of all customer segments. Additionally, we provide a seamless shopping experience, anytime and anywhere, through our Personal Shopper and Quick Commerce service and enhanced convenience with over 80 parking spaces available.

In addition, we have enriched every shopping experience by bringing in business partners from leading brands, totaling 18 establishments including renowned dining and beverage outlets. These encompass various types of dining experiences, ranging from restaurants to take-home light food shops, all meticulously selected for quality and conveniently assembled under one roof. This elevates the customer experience to a new level, allowing patrons to enjoy shopping close to home, making their time valuable and enhancing their joy each time they visit. Among these establishments are familiar names such as Starbucks, a well-known coffee brand; the legendary Wat Phra Si Bangkhen Noodle with Pork Balls, You Jin, a Taiwanese-style dessert shop; Tian Tang, offering Halal hot pot shabu; Karawa Ramen, catering to Japanese food enthusiasts; Bang Loh Decha Fried Chicken, a franchise for Hat Yai-style fried chicken; Colla Tea, serving collagen-infused boba milk tea, and many more. These establishments cater to various aspects of lifestyle, including beauty services from Beauty Corner, a health and wellness store; Health Up neighborhood pharmacy; Top Charoen optician; Pet Lovers Centre, an equipment and accessory store for pet lovers. These outlets collectively address the lifestyle needs of urban dwellers, providing a convenient and complete shopping experience without the need to travel all the way into the city.

"Currently, Tops operates a total of 677 branches, including 143 Tops branches, 17 Tops Food Hall branches, 2 Tops Fine Food branches, and 515 Tops daily branches. Tops Ratpattana is the 6th standalone branch, developed through long-term learning and understanding of customer needs to respond accurately. We believe that this Neighborhood Mall Destination will become a new hangout spot in the Ratpattana area and nearby locations, aiming to be the central hub for local lifestyles for everyone. It emphasizes our leadership in retailing diverse store formats, providing customers with the most comprehensive solutions under the concept of 'Every Day DISCOVERY MORE,'" concluded Mr. Stephane.

Check out the new Hangout and check yourself in before anyone else. Shop, taste, and chill in an all-inclusive experience at Tops Ratpattana, open daily from 08:00 to 22:00. Follow for more information at, TopsThailand on Facebook, or LINE Official @TopsThailand.

Source: JC&CO Communications

Tops unveils a new standalone branch at Ratpattana, attracting a diverse range of products with an aim to create Neighborhood Mall Destination